I'm Japanese, but do you have any questions?

I'm Japanese, but do you have any questions?

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Why are you not having sex?

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why don't you post your own passport?

How do you, as an individual, feel about honne/tatemae and uchi/soto aspects of the Japanese culture?

I'm holding my breath. To be clear, it's easier to go abroad.

I don't like sexual things very much.



Does China have influence on your country politically?

are you in the japan mafia

SSBT OD05 Omnibus


>stock image
why dont you post real proof?

>Jojo arcade
Can I have the code brother?

They provoke us, but there's nothing China can do politically against Japan.

Most of the Japanese mafia is now a light in front of the wind.

I don't like putting my personal belongings on the net.

Are you girl?

Would you support Scots becoming the national language of Japan?

Is it true that Japanese girls love having sex with African men?

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Why aren't you asleep right now?

Are you happy with your life?
Where would you like to live if not in japan?
And most important, are you using google translator?

Who doesn't?

how do you find or determine the proper mailing address for a business? it's very confusing to work out

>I don't like sexual things very much.

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Why did you join the marines?

Can you help me marry my seiyuufu?

where the fuck are my hologram AI waifus?
get to work
also thank you for pic related

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>I'm Japanese

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Do japanese men like american girls

if they speak japanese fluently like anime