People expect the French to be med gods

>people expect the French to be med gods
>ugly, pasty whitoid with fetal alcohol syndrome

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Post your face

I'll give you my true mind

>fetal alcohol syndrome
you're sure you're not just HAPA?

don't forget the comically large noses

I don't want to get doxxed.
I look like an obese version of pic related

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I imagine you guys as pasty whitoid cousins of anglos, not as meds (ROMAN BVLLS)

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>med gods
Kek, suck a dick elsewhere you


iirc only Swedes are expected to be attractive both men and women
Russia for women only
otherwise no


Every single Frenchman tries to stay away as possible from Meds.

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i don't, as i am a proud celto-iberian of helleno-latin culture

Every native French*

feel a similar way whenever i travel abroad
steve irwin, crocodile dundee, hemsworth brothers have fucked me

frenchs are whitoids they look british.

French guys are actually quite attractive if you ask me. They may not be as "hot" since they're mostly thin, but you're cute and more refined.
One of the best sex I've ever had was with a Lyonnais.

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Nah mate Aussies actually are attractive on average.

I'd like to smell your hair while rubing your back, and you telling giberish in spaghetti.

He looks like my relatives. I'm fucking French now?

looks british to me