Is he right?

Is he right?

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No, he's left.

Yes Christianity is retarded and anti-European. Yes most people are NPCs. Yes murdering that fag was a good idea. Yes Burzum (1992) is the best black metal album of all time. Yes, ViKANGZ wuz actually much more civilized than we make them out to be.

No, "nordicism"/aryanism/"othinism" is retarded pseudo science--there is a broad european genetic cluster, and culture is chaotic and archaic. He is also not an actual anthropologist who cites primary sources, and his beliefs about pre Christian europe are conjecture.


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About placentas being sacred? No that's some kooky shit his autistic wife got him into

Stop shitting in toilets.

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Pagan fertility symbolism or something
It's pretty wacky

>Burzum (1992) is the best black metal album of all time.
what about this

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About what?

politics and economics

In fact, the sad part is that he's one of the most legit influencor in his domain. That's where we are kek. If anything, we have lost and we're going extinct.

no. now he is

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Best BM albums are Under the sign of the black mark, Filosofem, Demon Entrails, Live in Leipzig, Requiem Tenebrae and INRI

It's 100% certificied nu age wiccan LARPfaggotry and has nothing to do with ancient paganism. Varg just regurgitates the headcanon of his wife so as to not get banished to the cuckshed

what about Death before Dishonor by Goatmoon

Makes sense, their entire land is probably on her name

He's on her name too btw

but only americans nordicits and some nordics watch him

have white children

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I haven't been keeping up with Varg, is he considered a hero in the incel world nowadays? What's his status?

i guess his youtube account died and now he tries to we wuz tolkien works on twitter

really whats the deal with nordics and their insufferable desire to we wuz the entire world?


Does Varg even know French or is he one of those "leeching immigrants that don't even learn the language" types?

northen france is germanic there is no need for him to learn a southern european language to live there

Pretty sure he does speak French tho

He definitely speaks in French with his wife

Is eco-extremism the one place where the right and left wing merge seamlessly?

panzerfaust & filosofem ├╝ber alles

he looks identical to my uncle and we're southrons

good taste krautbro

Despite it's popularity, filosofem is hands down the best black metal album.


actually my uncle has lighter beard than him, is he a non white?

cheers m8
what do u think of the latest darkthrone album ?

I haven't listened to it. Is it good?

A desire to feel superior because they know they're one of the most irrelevant places in the world

Under the Sign Of the Black Mark
Live in Leipzig
Marduk- Heaven Shall Burn... When We Are Gathered
Watain- Casus Luciferi
Darkthrone- Transilvanian Hunger
Satanic Warmaster - Carelian Satanist Madness
Endstille - Fruhlingserwachen

I like it Yea. Ofc not for you if u look for that True oldschool Sound, but Dark ans cold. To me Great to see they put smth like this out in 2019. Check it out!