What language are you learning and why are you learning it?

What language are you learning and why are you learning it?
>what's the best way to learn german?

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Is there not already a /lang/ thread up?
Either way if you're learning German here's a good channel that mostly covers German grammar

Why would you want to learn german?

Spanish. I wanna move to south america one day


ppl would bullly if I say

you want to do kinky german sex

No opposite of that.

I think I may learn Norwegian so I can have a good visit with my mother's cousins in the south :)

That's very wholesome!

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Why? There's drugs and crimes.

None, cba

wow, she looks cute even with the "horse" smile, that, in her, is a cute smile

That translation isn't correct.


maria teach german though, I believe her.

not really putting much time into it, but have been doing Danish lessons on Duolingo. It is a weird language.

He wants to be dominate by a cute german girl using nazi outfit while calling him mutt

He's half right. Guten Tag (Good day) can technically be applied the whole day, but it does not mean "good afternoon". These ones are usually used
>Guten Morgen (Good morning)
>Guten Nachmittag (Good afternoon)
literally "good after-midday"
>Guten Abend (Good evening)

Italian because italian qts

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Chinese. Because it's interesting as it's a complete different way of thinking.

Plus I already chose my side for WWIII

How to get a maria gf?

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What a lovely young lady!

I want to learn te reo Maori but am struggling to find good resources. Reasons: it sounds nice, I want to help keep the language alive, and it'd be cool to have a language to converse in that isn't understood by basically everyone.

want one too

japanese cuz i want to explore japan and enjoy the culture

>I will NEVER put a brown baby in her womb

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I'm studying Russian because I want to work for the government finding hackers and drug dealers and because I took 3 years of Russian in high school. I also want to learn Arabic because my mom speaks it and because it would be incredibly useful.

Japanese because learning it and reading manga are the only things that are keeping me away from offing myself from this cruel adult world.

I hate working so much... help me...

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They would never accept a dirty Slovene in their realm.

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she doesn't look dumb

I'm about to lie down with my headphones and listen to some language learning ASMR

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Please watch you language, Maria is not for any sort of lewds at all.

I didn't say that


Best channel for ASMR Japanese learning in case you're interested, user: youtube.com/watch?v=-gwgWlsRu7w

How do I get autistic German gf?

The cutest Japanese learning ASMR is actually Blue Katie

I want to learn Portuguese so I can go to brazil and get a waifu to bring to the US and mutt up the gene pool as a fuck you to boomers

she looks like an awkward chihuahua

maria is not autistic she's just a little goofy that's all

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Well, I never said cutest. I tend to find male voices more relaxing anyway but to each his own

You need to be tall, have blue eyes and play soccer regularly.

why you post picture of horse here?

>You need to be tall, have blue eyes and play soccer
I am and do none of these things tho. I simply want to impregnate a wholesome German qt and make her my wife, is that really too much to ask?

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why are germans so mean to maria?

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>You need to be tall
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Maria, please marry me!

nobody in the history of time has ever said guten nachmittag ever

why south america? lol

Does she have a Youtube channel or something?

Legs will do

Italian because, for me, it's the most beautiful sounding language, I'm a bit of a petrol-head and Italy has a large motorsport culture. Italian cuisine is my favourite and I would very much appreciate an Italian girlfriend. Also, I already know Spanish so it's easy to learn

german too, I like learning languages that my ancestors spoke

no maria only helps with easy german

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Please do not objectify maria, it's rude and inconsiderate.

Doch, ich hab’s ganz unironisch getan.

How to learn languages (compelling and comprehensible input):
Then, you can start looking random shit up.
Something that might not be too difficult to handle at any level would be the Easy German videos:
After that, you can start looking other stuff up, like let's play videos or politics videos or literally anything else you'd not mind watching and looking words up from.
Have trouble remembering words, sentences, or anything else? Use a spaced repetition system and/or mnemonics.
Wanna know why stuff is said a certain way? Read up on German grammar.
Pretty much repeat this process for several thousands of hours till you feel comfortable in believing you can understand what you hear or read and that you can express your thoughts easily. Try to keep the input:output ratio high for the most part, since output is mostly you using different parts of words or phrases you've inputted and mixing them together to communicate your thoughts.