Do you consider yourself white?

do you consider yourself white?

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We're 100% black

No, i'm med master race

No, Iberian (black)

no i'm superior finngoil

No, I have brown eyes

meme answer: no
non-meme answer: no

from reaction of people when i travel, i am ethnic in northern europe but white everywhere else including southern europe and US.

It wouldn't make sense to consider myself white.
I'm half Armenian.

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Meme answer: no, me da black moor n shiett
Real answer: yes

How cute


But this girl is very close to the Japanese.I wonder if she's a mixed-race child.


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no im iberian(black)

how did a nigger ended up deciding to reside in ireland? What's your tale?

No, im a GAUL

irish are niggers with a lower iq

Born here

she is 1turkish

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I'm 100% pure white.

Your parents wheren't. What's their tale?

No she isn't mixed. But she will probably have a mixed Asian baby in the future since she loves East Asian / Korean guys

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of course. Japanese are the only pure whites.

Got on a plane


Nope, I'm fine being non-white.

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I am 100% native European

lol, sarracenos BTFO

Just for the luls?

Yea even racist Hitler admitted us as Whites.

t. Davido-kun

From her snapchat I think. One of these Korean dudes is her boyfriend and they are in a LDR together. She went to visit him in Korea during the summer a few months ago.,

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Where do I, a pure germanic aryan, go to discuss my hatres of women and minorites.

no i consider myself american

He also admitted the Chinese also. Or did you forget about that also?

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You just enjoy people betraying you don't you

Oh wait, you said pure germanic aryan...

No I'm african american

My long lost cousin

Half native American, half white. Although everyone assume I'm 100% white.

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show back of hand

She looks Albanian with mongoloid influence.

No fucking way.
Chinese are fucking insects, so can't be Whites.

No, no.
I'm a man of serious.

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Yes, but I think most people here don't consider me white. I am a mostly mixed western european mutt but my grandfather was mexican mestizo so I have some native mexican genes. But I look completely white and pale as the snow, but with brown hair and brown eyes. I already know people are going to autistically spaz out and say I'm not white but I don't care

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You do know that Germany helped China to modernize during the early 20th Century. And without Germany's help, China probably would had a much harder time defending itself from Japan during WW2. Maybe, they would had even lost to Japan but that is just speculation.–1941)

I dunno...
Am I white???

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No he didn't, he just said he admired far east peoples


>pajeet that said i was brown

you are white. Your heritage does not matter

couple of months ago she said she found out she didn't really enjoy being with enmasculated men, and her father didn't allow it
she started dating a black guy from usa, it's on her instagram
imagine her choking on a BBC, damn boi

So your last president was white then?

no, either mediterranean, iberian or brown
but never wh*Te

most people would but no
the only people that I consider white are krauts, scandinavians, frenchmen and anglos

no because he looked black

I'm brown but I'm whiter than more white people around here. It's fucking strange seeing white people trying to be "cultured"

Unfortunately I have pasty white skin and melanin lacking light blue eyes. Every night I cry myself to sleep wishing I could be black

There seems to be a Korean who has been away from japanese people on this board.
I want to tell you not to mislead.
It's the Koreans who bring up the Hitler story.Only Koreans have complexes for white people.

It is true that there are a lot of people who are Turkish-like because there are a lot of people who immigrated from the Black Sea in B.C.
But Koreans and Chinese are of Mongolian descent, so they are different races from us.

My Irish brother

No, I have some irish ancestors and one polish great grandfather. So instead of white I usually check BLACK or Other


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how do white people try to be cultured

>Not having 100% Irish ancestry
Is there anything worse?

No. I'm Turanid

no, I am a direct descendant of YAKUB

where to find ilay phenotype in turkey?