Does your country have pissoirs?

Does your country have pissoirs?

I wish the US did

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Do girls ever use these?

Yes, they smell.

Do you use them often?

I don't use them at all

wtf is a pissoir

i've never seen them here but apparently they exist

I guess you have a different lifestyle than me. Because there are a million times I've been out drinking and really needed to per but all the bars are closed. So I resort to pissing on walls.


Well, that pic is the Netherlands.

Drunk people piss on walls and in people's gardens here too. Nasty motherfuckers

I hate peeing in public because my flaccid dick is so small. It's 1 inch soft but 7.5 inches hard

They dismantled those in the 80s and in the Netherlands in the early 90s.

Well that's just gross if they have alternatives. I always try to piss somewhere like an industrial building instead of apartment buildings

Only used them during open-air concerts.

>and in the Netherlands in the early 90s.

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At least Germany has 24 hour kneipes. The bars where I live close at 4AM the latest

I guess Germany still has a lot of public urination, though

>dutch people

They had them in San Francisco in the 80s, now it's all gone

Doesn't SF smell like piss anyway?

I don't think he's Dutch.

it's from amsterdam

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Where do hundreds of thousands of demonstrators use toilets?
We don't want to demonstrate in places where there are no toilets.

they had this in last year university concert, it was the most awkward piss i had, fucking random dude trying to have conversation with me while peeing, then the third guy also start talking the fuck was that ? Pissing reunion?

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I know. I've studied there. It's from the gay pride. And Dutch people don't dress themselves like that. And they are usually lighter.

Amsterdam has 20 million tourists a year. It's always filled with tourists.

>tfw no qt Italian gf to not wash her hands after she pees

>tfw no cute American who washes his hands in pee

When I'm drunk I don't even care. I drink so much beer and I'm so desperate to relieve myself that I wouldn't care if 10 fags were staring at my cock

Wow, those troughs look so hot
I wish I could be next to a row of hot Eurodicks peeing

This one really are great after 10 beers.

The only time I saw them was in Ireland. Damn just pissing where you are. No problems just piss.

They would really come in handy here in New York for reasons I mentioned earlier.

I wonder if feminists have complained about these yet.

Gay guys in Europe are so lucky. They seem to get a lot of opportunities to cock watch

Meanwhile in the Netherlands

>tfw we're going to organize Eurovision next year

Therw are specific models for ladies, but they are quite recent innovation and rare.

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I would probably nut in my pants if I saw a row of cute girls using these.

>Be ureapoor
>piss in the street

The alternative is drunk people pissing in the canals, falling in and drowning.

Tourists love to do that.

Some company made water repellent paint that's used at walls in a way that drunk shitfucks piss on their shoes

I saw a video for that in Germany. So where do people end up pissing?

Just go into an alleyway where some homeless is sleeping and pee on him instead

someone post that webm with the guy putting a plastic cup in one of those to collect the piss and then drinks it

For some reason I can't piss in public no matter how bad I need to go

I piss from my 10th floor balcony on the street below at night

NYC doesn't have alleyways. The buildings are all attached

So you have stage fright?

Weirdly, the only time that happened to me was when this chick was in the bathroom to me. I had a full bladder but could barely get any pee out

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Bushes mostly

Then pee in parks on plants if you want to be good or on homeless people if you want to be devilish