Australian niggas be like this 3 mb webm is too big to open

>australian niggas be like this 3 mb webm is too big to open

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>canadian niggas be like

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It's real late why make this thread only losers will see it.

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>italian niggas be like "hey ma it's my 35th birthday, I'll be coming home late"

Total Drama Island is based

props to you, i unironically laughed at this

they don't have it easylol

Canadians be like this dog is so sexy.
Americans be like I can vote for gays or israel


>Canadian niggers make threads about Australia when it's 3am on the east coast.
Seriously mate?

What can I say except thank you

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I would fuck moana

You're welcome.
Damn I thought it was only shown in Canada

can't tell if baiting or retarded

No wukkaz cobber

All Samoan girls over 18 are fat.
Girls that look like moana are minors.

What's the prob?

we got all of your leaf cartoons in the states, teletoon is a big partner of cartoon network

do you claim dwayne johnson?

Based Teletoon. Binged watched that channel in elementary

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I'm on same timezone as BC and it's 10:30 AM.

Are you two 12(twelve) years old

as a zoomer, i can say that this show was really fucking popular here

>There's only one east coast in the whole world
>These guys are talking about Australia, but they must be referring to the east coast of USA and not the east coast of Australia
>I'm gonna call this guy retarded

No clue, I'm aussie

Damn didnt realize how popular this show is.

this site works like trash 80% of the time so internet speed doesnt matter all that much anyway
fuck h*Ro

t. 400mbit fiber

You worded your post really badly.

I watched it as well

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