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>doesnt post in the thread
>starts the new thread

Curious, very curious.


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Another year has passed

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Kane is a fucking diving disgrace

bloody cannonballs those things blimey haha

womens cricket

your posts arent good enough to warrant posting as often as you do

started cracking jokes irl about bollock busting lads

stop making early news you autist. why do you find it fun to make the threads and not even participate in the posts?

women? nah


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I'm neutral to women

business idea: a milton keynes for the 21st century


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Rorke's mum and dad concerned after hearing him grumble about someone called "leftypol" at the dinner table(he had fish fingers and potato waffles)

love beer but would hate to live somewhere that didn't also have widely available cider 2bh

like variety in my chronic alcoholism

very cromulent thread so far

For me, it's slags.

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Jeffrey, my son.

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wish you could penetrate yourself
would feel good innit

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very milktoast thread so far

why are so many cabin crew men homosexuals

Duno, I'm going to have to see more.

utterly despise those beds because you hurt yourself on the edge at the top when getting out or by smashing your legs on them

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poor devvo

bored of classic already
only got 34

There is a movie where an old lady started to work in a club and jerking for money for her daughter. Name?

considered a woman's job originally
figure it out lad

don't be such a pre-madonna lad

kek, this is me. except I have manboobs, no facial hair except for a wild unkempt tangled mess on my neck and a haircut like tintin.

found the slag

not white

270 Park Avenue under demolition in NYC. 50 stories tall, JP Morgan Chase are replacing it with a taller building for their HQ.

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can think of a faster way to get it down


Mein broder

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what a fucking joke
don't they understand satire

tim hasn’t posted a video all day today ... no planet timmy shot ... disturbing

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tim still lewdposting?

bit of a damp squid this thread

can't wait to tell my singular friend about the devvo incident when i meet him at the board game café on wednesday

... Timothy James Byrne here ... Shopper bear with the swipe down ... cum dripping from my todger onto the kitchen floor ...

quite a kino view

what dya play la?

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must be grim being a muslim teenage girl and your family won't buy you tampons

land one was 9 hours ago, last cum pic was yesteray, i forsee this being the norm but lets see how next week develops

Wish it were one of them peng stone buildings like the real old timey new york had but know deep in my heart it's gonna be one of those shite modern art buildings like the gherkin.

what happened z

intercepted tim's last transmission 30 minutes before he went dark
a picture of moosie with the swiper in front of a 'welcome to cheadle' sign

if a woman smokes is she more likely to suck dick

It's over, Oxford Health got him

could you get cancer from that?

Tim here. I haven't posted on twitter cause i couldn't be arsed today sorry

>she doesnt suck dick


no excuse in 2020

*muffles your mouth with a damp cloth*

God she is so fucking fit, want her to batter my bollocks.

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British women are horrible beasts

might post some meaningless drivel
might not

smoking penises?

think you posted the wrong pic x

pizzas here lads
look at my thread haha

its spracklen house mate

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they got cards against humanity i think
devvo lost his job

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ah yes clothes that imply easier access to reproductive organs, this piques my interest

Showed this to my lefty/pol/ gf and she hasn't shut up about it for the past 45 minutes lmao

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why did tim start showing his dick

Looks like one of my friend's ex gfs. She was fucking crazy. She used to punch him and stuff. Bright coloured hair really is a warning sign. Stay well away.

based 13 year old
epic image

if by batter your bollocks you mean accuse you of rape and get her troll army to harass you until you commit suicide then doable because i hear that's what she does


What she needs is a good fucking

day of the swipe approaches

chirpsing this bird

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arsehole is hankering for a blasting

based 13 year old
epic image

Fuck off, incel.

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what she needs is a good beating

>bright hair colouring
>lip piercing
sure fire way of telling of a bitch is crazy

cannot wait for brexit to usher in a golden era for ethics in gaming journalism

what’s she been saying

mboko on the ropes

>cum pic

wonder what her shit smells like

British women are horrible beasts

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Another gamer on his list and another gamer in the ground

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Corbynites are so fucking deranged. They don't realize the harm they're doing by having a completely unelectable human being as the leader of the opposition whilst the Tories are going full English Nationalist.

Sucking my own bollocks

2-2 was a fair result