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Not at all

How so? I genuinely don't know anything about Azerbaijan.

>I genuinely don't know anything about Azerbaijan.
Color me shocked and trembled

dont bully her

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All I know that you guys are a chill hapa nation like Kazakhstan, love Turks and get mad when someone calls you Iranians

What happens there?

Mud volcanos, mountains, corruption and somewhat chill weather

And why does this country exist? What's the story of it?

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>And why does this country exist?
Qajars lost the war to Russia
Caucasian Albania trusted Khazar Jews and lost
Sacis and Salaries (or Salarids) and Shirvanshahes created their states
Ildenizes created first version of Azerbaijan
Then Mongols came
Then Kara Koyunlus declared their independence
Then Ak Koyunlus came in and cucked Kara Koyunlus
Then Safavid came in
After 1514 we got persified af
Then Afsharid and Qajaris
Then Khanates and etc

Why the sarcastic reply?

shithole full of brown bydlo subhumans who deny evolution

Because that's the normal reaction
We are irrelevanf country
Not true
We are worse than that

Well yeah, you are. As are we, no question about that. I just wanted to know why specifically you don't like Azerbaijan.

Because we are irrelvant and not doing our best and we have massive corruption
Also we have massive brain drain because no smart person wants to be here

Ah, the usual. Any protests in the future?

i don't know have they manage to be poor with all those oil and gas

We are not poor
Problem is we are not rich as fuck
We just want the comfort 24/7
Also our oil reserves are low as fuck and Turkey doesn't pay us enough since 2014

your per capita gdp is around $4k. that means you are poor.

and yes your oil reserves are not much but your population is 10 million.

btw you only have 23 more years for producing oil according to wikipedia. what are you gonna do after that?

My friend is an azeri, but he was born in Iran, i don't give a shit about shithole, but still think it's based

>love turks
they are already turks

its natural for a turk to love himself.

Because all the money goes to pockets of few
>after 23 years
Revolution or new Bourguious Revolution if we are lucky

Armenia is based, post some Armenian nature


Also listen to Gatteria, Violet Cold and Zommm

Rare coming from Pakistani lol