Imagine to share a continent with spics

>imagine to share a continent with spics

and people wonders why this cunt will never be first world

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arr rook same

Mexico is the most relevant Hispanic country, but which is second? Colombia or Argentina?

Argentina IMO

Argentina is barely 'Hispanic', have you seen the surnames of most notable Argentinian people?

OP is a complexed retard who needs to constantly remind everyone how Brazil is allegedly not Hispanic to quench his mongrel complex. Just feel sorry for him.

u are the same shit, even worse than them

Actually italian surenames are not even on the top 50 in popularity

>imagine having to share a continent with literal monkeys
Poor spics.

Union Iberica was a mistake

Are you native european?

you are no different from them


you are a spic too kaique

move to some other country if you feel superior

op is obsessed with (you)s


Ignore him, It's just a burger with a proxy trying to make my latino bros hate us

asshurt spic

>my latino bros
You're disgusting

But those Spic countries are mostly more developed than you. Sounds like you might just be retarded.

>asshurt spic

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>act like literal macacos
>blame his neighbors

Prove que é brasileiro seu gordo filho da puta

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>nominal GDP
India is richer than Switzerland too!

São Paulo has the population of Argentina.

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