Your cunt

>your cunt
>do you wish your head was in place of that watermelon

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I guess dying would be pretty nice.

I wish mine was in this instead.

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good choice

muscular thighs are pretty damn hot to be quite honest with you

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Absolutely yes. I wish it would pop like that too.

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I was thinking about this video just yesterday, but hadn't seen it on Jow Forums in ages. Simpson's sense. Having said that...
Much better answer desu.

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Yes, I wish that was my head getting cracked open and my brains spilling out; killing me.

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oh my god

You scandis are trully autistic.

I shall not appease your volatile remark with a similarly volatile response of defensive nature. No sir I shan't.

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Like i said, you are autistic. OP's post was not about ''having your head cracked open'' but feeling the warm sensation of her thick, meaty, muscular legs.

So? I wouldn't mind having her squish my brains like that and end this sorry existence.

Imagine the smell

You are beyond help. Why you even want to die? You live in very good and economically stable 1st world country.

I don't wanna die yet. I'm just saying if I had to go, I'd want a thicc thighs mamacita to do it. Have a nice night Wojciech

Ok felix

anyone else think this is hot af?

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Why is their bodyfat so low? Are they bodybuilders?

Do you jerk off to that pic?

Stupid fucking toothpaste

Watch it Sven, you wouldn’t want to anger the eternal Viro.

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actually yeah

My head is harder than a watermelon, tho.

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more of her

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Bit over the top, but a nice defined belly is something really great.

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hot af man