Is you're country surrounded by enemies?

is you're country surrounded by enemies?

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At least your country is not surrounded by two nuclear powerhouses that supports your biggest enemy ha ha

Yes but they are irrelavant enemies

Swedes like to imagine Russia as an enemy and CIA shills try to get us to join NATO, but they generally don't care about us

Who and who
I doubt anyone would hate a peaceful country like Azerbaijan

I still don't understand how you got Iran to support us instead of you, is this the power of the Azeri diplomacy?


>he thinks other balkanites are his enemies

They did even worse than that. Iran supports Armenia over Azerbaijan

Of corse another ignorant Arab
We are in war with Armenia
Russia has army battalion in Armenia
Iran helped Armenia in 90s and hate us because we have jews
I actually wanted to say my enemy
Dammit why nobody gets my jokes?

Iran owns parts of azerbaijan

No, America is like our big brother.

You think you have it bad, check out Georgia...

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no its all friends :)

>Went to war with every neighbor around them including Switzerland

I'm Ermeni but of course I didn't say that because I'm big brain

Ahahahahahahahhaha. Ha.

>and hate us because we have jews
Why lmao

Based Georgian schzio is here

Based but not much
Oh come on!

russia up by alaska and cuba near florida

Not every Jew is a Zionist

>Mexico and Canada
>Not US enemies

Tell that to Rouhani
He will definitely listen

True, but theres still no such thing as a good Jew. Burn em all Gyppo, burn em all.


If you think Iranians are Arabs then obviously they'll hate you. On a geopolitical scale though I'll never understand why Iran turned on their Shia brothers to support Armenia unless it was a trying to get on the good side of Russia thing.
>Based but not much
What did you mean by this?

I don't think they are Arabs neither
I was just referring to him
>mean by this
Sorry it was a typo

Azerbaijanis are secular
I think nothing such as "Muslim" brothers for them it is just traditional religion

Nobody knows that
Maybe they want to invade us
They even started to supprt Talysh seperatist movement

Persians hate us like a motherfucker

Is turkey helping you? I heard they are your best bros

we was young back then

Turkey has it's problems

Yeah. If what were you trying to say when you wrote that typo? Or was it all accidental?
You're in a very close relationship with Turkey though, no? Also, I doubt Iran would attack you considering the geopolitics of the situation, my problem is why Iran has a hate boner for you and not for us, I mean, we have a couple of hundred Jews too though that's way less than you

>violent muzzies to the right
>violent kikes below

Turks should have exterminated you with Armenians.
Why the fuck is the arab world tolerant to your kind you mother fucking ape.

>tfw there is a 5th in the middle of shaam

thanks for all the cheap bitches syrian chimp

Are we enemies amk we both fucked up

>he thinks he has enemies

man it's pretty fucking scary thinking that not so far away there's 80 million bloodthirsty for white blood shitskins waiting to run amok on our white ass.

Fair enough.
Nigga we our worst enemy.

yes, except for the western side

only one


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>white blood
Mate, you look just like turks
t. Been to both Turkey and Greece

No. Argentina is our fren

he is blonde and 6 ft tall. how dare you?

Yes yes, they build civilization and sheeeit

He's a schizo. He thinks he lives in Sweden or something

Yes. The are everywhere.

Yes. We don't have a single neighbor who likes us. They want to see us fail and I am convinced they are secretly plotting our destruction.

Including Switzerland. I used to think they were neutral, but a few weeks ago a Swiss on Jow Forums was being pretty mean to me.


>We don't have a single neighbor who likes us

Btw, our neighbors' neighbors hate us too. It's literally neighborly hate all the way down.

What do you think?

we don't hate you krauts

we are in the middle of of balkans and middle east and all our neighbours hateus

Maybe you don't, but you don't love us either, and lack of love basically amounts to hate. It hurts so much.

You think you have it bad? Try being German.

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>Try being German.
Yeah I feel bad for the countries bordering Germany

Called it: The hate, it never stops.

You let them in
We are stuck with them here

When will the Palestine meme stop?

Yes, we cant trust Mexico or Canada.

We didn't let them in. Greece let them in, and we then had to clean up Greece's mess, as usual.

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Hows the thing with the turks up north going?

>blaming Greece because the EU faggots forbid sinking their ships
might as well let them go back to Germany to teach them a lesson

things are pretty mellow now

They were also forbidden to accrue debt that they couldn't pay back, yet here we are.

I personally love Germans but not Germany, your current state and government is shit

We like you, Hans

What about France and the D*nes?

You didn't explicitly state that we can't accrue massive denbts, if you told us we wouldn't have done it

>It's literally neighborly hate all the way down.

a.k.a Europe

yes, china, s&n k, russia


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Why Russia?

That makes sense, and I apologize for our lapse.

We were also supposed to vote in reforms to fix the economy but you kept rejecting them even though they had worked in other countries