I'm kinda shocked this isn't in Germany or France

I'm kinda shocked this isn't in Germany or France.

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>dat lunatic face
La creatura balestina.

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I still don't know what is the point of a bhurka if you are going to put on makeup like a kafir whore

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Shut the fuck up retard.

Maybe that's why her brother sperged out on her?

Very likelly

fuck off back to Lebanon subhuman trash

She deserved to get beaten up but not killed.
Btw I hate normies, my mom yelled at me today for saying that women should not be allowed into universities and are better getting married at an earlier age.
Fuck Arabs
Fuck feminists
Fuck normies

Big lenny?

Based but be polite to your mother!

Jamal le soiboi cuckef by his own fat mom, lol. Hope she slapped you.

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your mom should kill herself, hope she doesn't have a daughter


incel lvl 100

Egg King

Where is the video

>aperabs be like
>I am a progressive and westernized I only honour kill on the weekends


singapore whips people for committing crimes and they have the lowest crime rates in the world.



Fuck you all and fuck your human rights ideology that is turning the Muslim society upside down.
Can't even speak my mind in Saudi Arabia what a shitty time to live in.

Somewhat redpilled, slightly cringe

Would you rather be living by the time mohammed was around?

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I would, so I could kick him in the nuts


Americans enslave and beat and kill their prisoners for cheap labour but have highest crime rate in world strange.

You deserve to get beaten up and killed
I’d gladly do both to you

perkele, I'll kick you in the nuts too, I don't discriminate

this is why her brother finished the job for us

honorkill your mom

Hell yeah brother!

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also her without hijab

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She could have married me

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pretty gross desu senpai

Do you realise you could get arrested for saying fuck arabs in saudi arabia don't you? All some butthurt Arab has to do is archive this thread and send it over on twitter or something.

would that government really want to make itself look so weak that a few mean words threaten it?


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It's Saudi Arabia. Man's already on a watch list for saying fuck arabs even though he's pro islam

Ah, I see you're aware of the Mexico-Lebanese master race.

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these posts prove that what the chinese are doing to uyghurs is completely justified

roastie/chink/soyboy detected

women's rights were a mistake

>beaner-falafel mix
I puked

your mother should be punished for talking back to a man like yourself

stfu cuck

shit I read your sentence wrong, I thought you wrote his mother should punish him, he is based and so are you

Your roastie tourists don't ;)

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Ok obese brown manlet, make me some taco or something

post feet aminah

i killed some of those ninja women as well