Why do Americans liked to lynch Italians? Here and in Argentina they didn't have problems

Why do Americans liked to lynch Italians? Here and in Argentina they didn't have problems.

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because italian immigrants weren't more criminal than the average brazilian or argentinian

Wh*tes don't have souls
Allah will punish them for this

Because Italians weren’t seen as white. Look up Rollins v. Alabama, they could even fuck blacks without breaking race mixing laws.

In America, they were viewed as basically niggers. In Brazil, they were the whitest people in the country.

That's kinda of exaggerated

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Still, they brought pizza for you guys. Should be more grateful


They are swarthy

Thats the reason?

Probably because they were meds and Catholic. Also they could as loud and extroverted as Blacks

Probably. Or because they were catholic

*were as loud

American definition of “White” was limited to Anglo-saxons up until the Germans made a big immigration push, then it was Anglo-saxons and Germanics being considered “white.” We didn’t even fully consider the Irish to be “white” until fucking JFK got assassinated

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...shut it down.

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No pizza was invented in NYC

By Italians

It’s funny cause in Latin America having Italian ancestry is seen as something to be proud of while in the the US it’s like whatever.

Only argentinians care for italy
maybe uruguayans too, but they are basically argies, just like canadians are basically burgers

>We didn’t even fully consider the Irish to be “white”
ok italians were loud and swarthy but irish? Red headed people are not white wtf?

They lost their whiteness because they largely supported the CSA

They weren’t considered “white” during or before the civil war either, their CSA support simply prolonged how long it took for them to be considered “white

You too are not making any sense tho. How can redheaded people not be considered white when they are white as ghosts? I know about the "black irish" is that the irish you are refering to?

leftover from Anglo "culture" but they will never admit that it's just senseless autism

>Only argentinians care for italy
Not true why lie on the internet

I'll make this real simple for you. If you are Roman catholic, you aren't white. In fact your lower than black people. Simple as

t. João Gasperini Bocchetti

The US inherited a shit ton of Anglo traits, such as considering the Irish to be subhumans. So we had to claim that the Irish weren’t white and used the evidence of the Black-Irish existing as proofs they weren’t “white”

What are you even trying to imply?

>leftover from Anglo "culture"
Oh I get it. Christkikery, for some reason christkikes absolutely hate redheaded people maybe even more than blonde people they were burning them alive during christkike middle ages.

Id really like to know what type of anglo is the one that hates redheads tho. I think it was the swarthy beady eyed anglo wasnt it? Because christianity is basically for the swarth with ME(D)NA dna and they were burning redheads alive when christianity held much power.


cause anglos are enemies of all mankind, like the jews

Angloids are capable of truly amazing mental gymnastics.

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