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that wouldve been great advice for thousands of e-celebs

how tf do you find a job without a computer haha

it was something related to the culture book series.

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walk in the door and give the bossman a firm handjob

Use a phone.

Which culture book series?

Stand on the side of a road with a sign like any respectable hobo

this one

bold face lie

What if I prefer a woman as a boss?

Maybe look on the deletion log?

Going to uni next year to break NEETdom. Unsure if I want to pursue my dream of being a history teacher knowing how shit the pay is and few openings or pursue something else

gonna write my resume on a phone ahha

write it by hand dumdum


hello grandpa haha

>need to cook food before leaving for toiltown
>keep putting it off
who am i kidding i'm just going to not do it and eat mcdonalds all week.


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Just do biology or physical science if you’re a history buff

That might be it.

My dog just took a tab of acid with me. I wonder what doggy trips are like lol.


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if you're going to go that route, pick what you're interested in, don't pick something for potential money. that's my two cents.

Go to the library, they'll have computers. Maybe you can hang out with some hobos too.

Least he didn't fall down a bunch of stairs


no he didn't

the only time i've seen a hobo in a library was in ny

Write a resume on a paper, tie it to the rock and throw to the window.


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okay, but why? there's no way of seeing the deleted article as far as i can tell

pretty sound idea, ngl

I like to put my resume in a bottle and float it in a toilet in an executive bathroom.

Sounds familiar.

It really is. They're also effectively the only nationwide, non-regional, and supposedly non-biased daily newspaper - which is obviously how they came to fill the niche/what it was designed to do(?).
Generally regarded as a rag tho.

even my dinky town is full of them. couple years ago one of em at the computers stood up and started screaming that bombs were going to go off in LA and NYC today lol. security had to drag him out.

don't go to many libraries, do you?


WSJ does the same shit and is an infinitely better/more informative paper. USA today is clickbait shit

>USA today
They have sometimes an original content.

good afternoon

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yeah, clickbait was a stretch I admit.

>had assistant manager on my resume
>got rejected for 3 jobs
>took assistant manager off
>got 2 calls since
this is so backwards why

too qualified to be a normieployee, not qualified enough to be manager

I think it was too qualified too desu but what the fuck
I didn't apply for any manager positions because I hate babysitting adults I was just getting rejected for regular crew positions

here it's evening

Gotta tailor your resume to the job. They probably thought you get angry after not being promoted fast enough or something. I'm sure they'll make you manager anyway since you're such great manager material :^)

WSJ is fuccin trash too tho lmao

I don't wanna be a manager ever again desu
they get paid like shit down here and the added stress isn't worth it

my local library has no homeless people, neither do the towns next door



wait a minute, your town library has security?? wtf

there's this new show on Netflix called The Spy with the dude from borat. its a serious show, but its still p good

I got mugged today and the robber stole all my clothing but for some reason left my iPhone behind.

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wow did u have to saunter home naked


Cohen is an amazing actor, his range is outstanding. His wife plays a big role and not once did I think of "MAI WAIFE" when watching it.

Did (he) leave his phone number?

good evening then

yeah, it's a really nice facility. wouldn't expect a city of 300K to have one so nice, its got metal detectors at either entrance along with security kiosks

it's fine. we're on a big continent

Yeah. The dude grabbed my butt constantly while I stripped, but at least he didn’t rape me

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I didn't do that either, but I didn't realize it was him until the last episode or two. otherwise I definitely would have, maybe ill watch it again if I need a laugh.

Why do people call cowards chicken when most other birds are bigger cowards

Can someone change the sound to allah akbar in the video.

feel a bit sick today
someone at work must have contaminated me

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Pretty cool how barely knowing french allows me to decipher basic spanish.

ohh, i thought you meant an normal-sized town not a city

are u a girl (female)

user I..


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i require english because it is the future of mexico, not the united states?

kek love these

he's saying he doesn't care about flunk in English because he's the future of México, not América.

Slow down
Chill out
Breathe in
Breathe out
Kick back and have a rest
don't forget to take a breath

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yeah, makes sense when i'm reading it like that

Don't blame you. Wouldn't want to deal with high school kid drama bs for a buck extra. I didn't even want to work as a cashier when I was fastfood.

Guy (male)

Are you gay(male)?

gay males are only cute if they're girls (male)

*Walks into thread in blackface*

What do you need guns for? Shooting deer? Fuck you.

I’m not sure. I don’t think so

Is there a city in the United States Where autumn and Winter Never Happen, and where there is only have Warm and Hot Weather All Year round?


After a whole year is over did everyone in the world who is alive already celebrated their birthday?

i'm not sure what are you trying to say here
that people don't celebrate their birthdays?

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I'm horny.

best state in the usa? texas, of course

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you didn't like his hand touching you?

My cock has that effect on people.

We see the coomer as an absolute Other when he is in fact a pure abjection, a constitutive part of our being from which we violently detached ourselves.
A viscous, fundamental horror against which our sense of self first arose. We had to first vomit the coomer in order to be.

I got a mild stiffy from the butt touch, but wasn’t fully erect, and didn’t consider him or other guys attractive

Get out ruski