Did you use to imagine people from other countries differently when you were younger than you do now?

Did you use to imagine people from other countries differently when you were younger than you do now?
For example when i was a kid when someone would mention Americans i would imagine a gunslinging cowboy. But now when someone mentions Americans I imagine a 150kg man wearing an ameircan flag shirt driving through a wallmart on a scooter

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When I think of Montenegro I can't think of anything except negro in the name.

I get that a lot

I used to think serbs were these badass mountain men and hot women that took shit from no one and fought for their beliefs. Now I just see them as backstabbing scum.

I used to think Japanese were samurais. Now I think they are incels

That Chinese were actually yellow

we are

I imagined the average englishman as a sophisticated dandy wearing tweed jacket, now i only imagine Norf.

I imagine the average Montenegrin like a lazy old farmer with a mustache.

When I think of Montenegro, I think of Serbians that actually liked getting bombed.

i used to think germans were well organised, hard working honest people.
now I know that they're morally deficient and generally twisted scat fetishists

I used to see brits as reserved and respectable, now I see them as americans that talk funny

One does not exclude the other.

USA - cowboys
Aus - whites riding kangaroo/steve/bruce
UK - Bowl hat/Charlie Chaplin/Mr Bean
China - those red clothing
Jap - ninja

When i think to an american i imagine a cool fit guy with pointy vlonde dyed hair and sunglasses who drive a cool muscle car in the desert. He's cringe but eats a lot of pussy

heh, you just reminded me how hard they kicked germ ass at Mojkovac, shame the english wiki entry is so pathetically barren.

America - Duke Nukem
China - Jackie Chan
Japan - dangerous yakuza in an expensive suit
Britain - arrogant politician in a very expensive suit
Africa - tribesman with spear in a straw skirt
EU - a gay man

I used to imagine all latin americans rooked same. Now I know otherwise, but it's still disappointing that such difference we have will inevitably leave us balkanized instead of with some pan-hispanic union.

Sentiste el temblor?


UK: classy fine gentlemen
Now: norf

I can't stop laughing. I don't know why I find this so funny.