The anexation of the uruguayan territory is critical

for mexican republic interests in the southamerican continent

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How so. Leave these guys alone

Uruguay could steamroll all of south america in a week


I'm afraid not, also cirno is uruguayan.

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and you should peacefully reunite with us so that we can become one

Uruguay is ours
Fuck off

we need uruguay so we can cockblock you and argentina

I'll never forgive you faggots for ruining Jow Forums two years ago

Fuck off nonce

Jow Forums isn't ruined, in fact is much better than this shit board

Callate el hocico.
Vez que el amlmao está perdiendo chiapas por los zapatistas y sales con eso.

Don't ever try to do that, argentina is brazil's wife

i want our big mexican cock in the middle

Why don't you guys join argentina. Your not a real country everybody knows that tbqh

gaúcho cockblocking

Cringest post of the month

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give me an Uruguayan gf


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Not if we build a wall