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The world isn't ending.

Has she got hotter since she came to America?


yes it is, but not because of climate, the world is ending because of NIGGERS
there is in fact a tidal wave, a tidal wave of niggers, and yes everybody will in fact drown and the world will in fact go back to the stone age, because of niggers

Open your eyes, we're in the final years before the apocalypse

Remember when the onion was good?
Now they actively hide their older stuff so you cannot compare how bad it has gotten. I miss the editorials, special editions, and t herman zweibel.
At least kelly is still around.

your time here is slowly turning you into a pedophile

thanks france, hopefully you fix it soon

fuck the world

this IS the apocalypse. started since 1997
whoever said to you the World was gonna end with a bang lied

The world won't disintegrate and fall apart come 2050. But climate change is causing significant damage and this damage will only get worse and worse. You don't like non-whites? Consider the fact that the global north will have millions of climate refugees on their hands because of climate change: brookings.edu/research/the-climate-crisis-migration-and-refugees/

why the jews are pushing a retarded child so hard?

why she HATE europa so much? even if "everyone" in the eurozone is trying their best to go green as soon as possible

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>the world is ending and we have to stop it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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>why the jews are pushing a retarded child so hard?
Why are you calling yourself Jewish? I first heard of her here and for the longest time this was the only source of her I've seen. It wouldn't surprise me if some journalists discovered her by looking through here.

The world for most life as we know it however is rapidly reaching a period of mass extinction. The planet is happy being a frozen ball or a hot rock but are you?

she was on television for months now 24/7

how did you miss her bullshit

t. watches Fox and nothing else
Making you use the libtard paper straw and eat fewer burgers is a footnote at best in any serious climate plan. It's all about moving the energy sector away from fossil fuels, cracking down on corporations that produce the vast majority of pollution, and restructuring the economy in such a way that makes this possible without millions of people being left destitute.

None of this means the world is ending.

The world for most life as we know it however is rapidly reaching a period of mass extinction. The planet is happy being a frozen ball or a hot rock but are you?

u mad?

No but civilization is (And That's A Good Thing)

> The planet is happy being a frozen ball or a hot rock but are you?
Neither of which is happening.

technically speaking WE are going to die
the world will do go on

not all life will die tho
just us

Its funny because euros actually believe this

That phrase became a meme thanks to a guy in an interview mocking the braindead Fox News archetype.

>Neither of which is happening.
You're wrong.

No mate. For humans to die it would mean that the food web we rely on has collapsed. That also involves the extinction of the majority of complex life on the planet.

>live on the surface of mars
>complain that it's too hot

Point to anything where she advocates for more immigration. From what I saw she just begs politicians to do something, nothing in particular.

All the great civilizations we have ever known have ended and new ones have been born. It is the nature of things.

No, I happen to know what I'm talking about.

>That also involves the extinction of the majority of complex life on the planet.

>and new ones have been born
There won't be any new human civilizations born if we continue in the current trajectory.

Its funny because merryfats are in denial over this
i mean, they're not even employed by those companies that will be affected socioeconomically
literally shilling for free

>it would mean that the food web we rely on has collapsed
you'd be amazed how specific our diet actually is

well you won't live to see the new cockroach empire so why care

>I happen to know what I'm talking about.
No you don't.

Are all euros genuinely this brainwashed or just the losers who spend 12+ hours a day on social media

pic related you

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You guys are all idiots, the onion is a news satire site, have any of you checked out the article?

Are all unitedstatians genuinely this braindead?
...yep, 2bh they are

-Ok... like what?

She's growing. It would be creepier if he said she was now less or equally attractive.

saw it. it was quite hilarious

>you'd be amazed how specific our diet actually is
We're omnivores, mate. That already makes our diets less specialised than most animals.
That aside, you really have no fucking idea how food webs work, clearly. Keystone species trigger the chain of extinction events.

>-Ok... like what?
There are hundreds of academics, activists, and policymakers who are all working hard on providing various solutions to this problem. What the fuck do you expect a 16 year old to do?

elaborate then

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She went from looking 12 to 35

>dumb foreigners ITT who don’t know the onion is a satirical media company

she needs to have sex

I don't get why people care about the planet dying. There won't be any white people in the future so why should I give a shit?

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But I have an MSc in a related field so I really think I have some idea.

swedish girls lose their virginity at age 12

>millions of climate refugees
They're only refugees if you let them in.

so she's anti immigration?

Why she has the look of a girl from those vintage national socialist era?

>We're omnivores, mate
yeeeeah but it's not like any kid will eat their greens or tosses the lettuce out of the burger, is it?
>you really have no fucking idea how food webs work
have a farm
millennial fuckers like most US flag posters don't realize that agriculture is based in climate rhythms. the rhythms are dead and the weath will grow thin. we're already dead
>Keystone species trigger the chain of extinction events
ah yeah that too
they'll recover tho. our civilization won't

Humans are scavengers you retard there are few things on the planet that eat more things than humans

Easily one of their best pieces.
Also this one.

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>I have an MSc in a related field
social studies: african culture?

so you're saying that the problem is big industry and not the common man? then why the fuck is this cunt screeching in the news 24/7?

So you were making an assumption based on nothing?

Why doesn't she just bitch about the companies instead of putting the blame on every person?

>Amerishart would prefer gunning down millions of desperate people over telling his kike overlords to pollute less

god autism is fucking horrible
i can't imagine how horrible it must be to have
this girl says she literally can see crabon dioxane
imagine being this crazy

Of course there will be. Stop being silly and stop listening to people just because they're loud and you're biologically wired to assume the worst is true. If we're going to be realistic about the issue, it's just a matter of managing a set of engineering problems.

Sustainable energy engineering.

I was before coming here, so this has nothing to do with this site.

She is the puppet of those companies so us goys will buy their '''eco-friendly''' products '''to save the earth'''. You know that they're bozilions pricey, right?

The common man is a problem too; just a much smaller one. Like I said, making you use the straw and come to the mart with one of those faggy paper bags instead of getting plastic ones at the store is a footnote, not the main programme.
> then why the fuck is this cunt screeching in the news 24/7?
She's screeching at world leaders. Not at you. The main goal is enact policies, not get (You) to make minor life-style changes..

>then why the fuck is this cunt screeching in the news 24/7?
like how watching middle east kids getting bombed 24/7 had lead us to not care anymore

ah ok
got work prospects yet?

in this video she says people are dying from climate change. who the fuck is dying from climate change?

What good would that do? The problem is people at the end of the day. Every adult in Earth. But she should go and tell some non-whites in china and africa

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Did you know the Earth's magnetic field will severely weaken within this millenium, leaving significant portions of the world open to dangerously high levels of UV exposure?

>who the fuck is dying from climate change?
people who don't own air conds, HA

like europeans?

how can anyone even believe her speech was genuine, what was with her "crying", tears magically disappeared after she finished.
After this thing I watched few of her older interviews and they were identical,same pattern, says some random gibberish, starts crying, everybody feels bad, end.

Yep, for Ramboll.

What's the agenda of who's behind this poor puppet?


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The floods and storms associated with climate change is. It's not like we can do much anyway though.


do your employers know you're frequenting the famous hacker fascist pedophile site Jow Forums?

World government

Wasting all that money in a pointless attempt, we will fail...so why not just make it easier for people suffering right now and let us all embrace our inevitable extinction?


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>any kid will eat their greens or tosses the lettuce out of the burger, is it?
We call those shits who get the belt.

No, why would they know? I don't even frequent this place, exactly. I just come here when I'm utterly bored, out of old habit.


>Wasting all that money in a pointless attempt
it's not pointless defeatist scum
literally go die
you do not deserve the air you breathe

That's a big part of the problem yeah

kill all thirdies

ask me how i know you're a well educated black man who goes to church regularly

That's cute, better acept the reality of my statement early than late user...you honestly believe our species is eternal?

I wish I was educated.


global warming will affect my country positively
that is, as long as we don't let in much more of the dark ones

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Having an MSc in an engineering field related to sustainable energy doesn't give you the qualifications to know about fields such as ecology and meteorology.

t. someone else with an MSc in (mechanical) engineering specialized in sustainable energy

What's stopping you?

>why would they know?
maybe after i send a letter to HR department....... nah why would i

you speak english well at least. send love to your parents

Nothing really, just standard 1st world ennui.
Will do, fren.

If the wealth of the world are distributed equally, everyone will be more educated, contented and limits their offspring to curb overpopulation.

I dont fuckin care about any of this shit, ill move to the countryside, become self sustaining and raise a family while the world burns around me



she lost weight on her transatlantic sailing trip.