A very pretty girl I met recently started talking to me on messenger about stuff a few days ago and now the...

A very pretty girl I met recently started talking to me on messenger about stuff a few days ago and now the conversation died off and I don't know how to proceed.

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Talk to her irl and ask her to go out if things were going well in the dms

Ask casually how she's doing or say something that has happened to you.
Human interaction is not that hard.

She seemed pretty impressed by the things I had to say but it wasn't exactly romantic talk. I want to meet her again but it'd be like asking her to date which is weird.

>but it'd be like asking her to date which is weird.
The fuck? Are you 12?
Just ask her for a date if you want to meet her.

When they do that i usually just assume they want something from me so i just stop responding

Suck her dick

Feels like I'm bothering people when I do that. Human interaction is in fact very hard.
Yeah, but it feels weird.
t. nice guy syndrome
She wanted to talk about some stuff about happiness and life. You know.

Just do it. If you've had a nice talk before then she is not bothered by it.

I'll go ahead and guess you met her in uni or something like that. If you don't want it to be like a date then go out with her friends or something like that. Once you get to know her better and see that's she's not only interested in friendship, ask her out

i reached the same conclusion

It's silly, I know. I don't even mind rejection from random girls typically but I do from this one, for reasons I can't really put words on.
Yes, she came over to one of my uni friend's apartments and we had some drinks. Then she started messaging me out of the blue. I don't think she has a very active social life though.


Dude that's perfect. If I were in your shoes I'd definitely think she was interested. Girls usually don't send messages to random people unless they're Chads or they seemed cool, I assume you're the latter. Next time you go out with those friends ask her to come aswell or maybe hope she's there.

I'm not some Chad you know. Girls don't message me randomly after I meet them (except this one, obv). I'm just some guy. Not very cool, not very fit, not very handsome, not very tall, but I guess I'm kind of articulate in certain situations. That's why she wanted to talk to me; she said I seemed sensible, or maybe clever is the right translation.

Yeah that's what I said. Latter means the second choice not the first one. Anyway I think she wouldn't send you a message if she didn't like you as a friend at the very least so I'd say you should see her again while you're with your friends and see how it goes from there. From my experience if you aren't quick enough they might lose interest so keep that in mind

Yeah, guess I'll ask how she's doing.

>nice guy syndrome
It's called "incel".

>except this one, obv
She's into you. Show you're interested but don't go in too strong.

Ask her if youre going to use your bull or hers.

so int lied to me or what? arent all finns dislike human interaction?

Obviously a tourist.

You are not as important as you think you are. Don't be a pathetic lil bitch who's afraid of success.
Go court her, sure you may fail but who cares 10 years later.

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thank you based duck of wisdom

Forget about her for a while

Chat her up if you're still thinking about her after a month. If she seems enthusiastic you started talking again then go in hard.

Even schedule to meet up

based duck