Is jon kortajarena the most attractive male?

is jon kortajarena the most attractive male?

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literally the first thing that comes when I open my image folder is more handsome, pretty, beautiful, attractive etc

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Nah, Lachowski looks better, Francisco Lachowski comes very close to perfection. There are virtually no flaws in his facial appearance, the only flaws can be drawn when we go below the neck which is irrelevant when you consider his facial aesthetics.

He has perfect maxillofacial growth which becomes evident from the zygomatic arches that project wide (adds facial width) and are round in shape in the tipping points. The nose is perfect: straight nasal septum indicates the face hasn’t grown vertically more than it should at any point in developmental time so it doesn’t appear hooked, it is also devoid of any obscure mal/formations, crookedness or deviation (some of which are typically caused by allergies or force trauma).

He has near perfect dentofacial growth. While he has gotten some dental aid with orthodontics (evident from the appearance of his top central and lateral incisors+canines), his bite is perfect. You can tell this by looking at his lip posture, which is affected by the position of the mandible, and anyone will agree that it looks nice and balanced. The mandible is in an ideal position which means there’s no malocclusion, and malocclusions have an enormous impact on the aesthetic appearance of the face. This is rare because with modern [western] diet and the rapid increase of allergies, it is extremely hard for most males to develop a nice looking jaw (not to mention that you need the appropriate testosterone levels and genetics to develop one). Lots of males that would normally develop a jaw similar to Lachowski’s don’t, because of mouth breathing or improper masticatory usage (the diet is too soft). It takes a perfect growing environment on top of good genes and hormone profile to develop a balanced facial structure like Lachowski’s, and that’s leaving out the individual features like the eye area, which in Lachowski’s case is unique in itself. Now combine all this with the fact that he is over 6’2”.

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He’s a 10/10 desu

Not even close desu

Nothing beats this guy.

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I thought this was Chrissy from the thumbnail, so the answer to your question is no

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For me? It's Pietro Boselli
>Aesthetic god
>Phd holder
>Fashion model/designer

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I would appreciate if criticism came from an non-brit european country next time, thx

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>close set eyes
>major upper eyelid exposure

he's ugly in the face but so is cavill, and they both serve as boomer cope for 4channers
it's like they live through these two plain looking dudebros to feel better about the many prejudices that come with age

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lookism faggots are so cringe

I would give you 10 dollars to upload pictures of your face

>it's like they live through these two plain looking dudebros to feel better about the many prejudices that come with age
They are lookism incels like you

No, Cavill is indeed a god and on par with the best looking male models, he's past his prime, but still holds out a lot

Boseli just isn't in the same league
Come on, the thread is about the best looking guy in the world, Boseli looks good, but is not in the top of it

Jon mogs that balding nw3 old fart into suicide

Most attractive is
>dark hair
>Germanic features
>blue eyes

He only meets 1/3 of the requirements, so he fails.

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my face is fine, I know that. been complimented many times here on Jow Forums. I'm not dumb enough to bite into your annoyed tantrum plus criticism from americans have 0 value to me

I genuinely don't have a clue of what the word lookism even means
but to make peace with you I'll recommend you some good looking guys to inspire you

He’s very handsome, great modeling face, but I don’t find him that attractive. And definitely not the most attractive.


He’s ok. Looks weird now.

Hottest guy ITT so far.


Who is this? The guy in the OP?

I agree. The guy in your pic is OK though.

>I'll recommend you some good looking guys to inspire you
Are you seriously implying I could change my looks on a dime?

only if you bUrself

aleksa gavrilovic

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by dropping your body fat and getting good hair cut, beard you can easily add 2 points to your look.

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>dat chin implant
>dat rhino
>probable orbital rim implant

Beautiful. Where is he from?

he looks like a broke version of Adam levine