Post your cunts biggest company by revenue, excluding state-owned and natural resources

Post your cunts biggest company by revenue, excluding state-owned and natural resources

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Walmart by a BIG margin
If they were a country they'd have 25th largest GDP

shart in mart

Everyday I see these Maersk containers here in Brazil.

Damn, I didnt even knew they were dansk

Larger than the entire Greek economy, that's impressive

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Me neither

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Petrogal *refines* oil and gas, rather than just extract it; does that count?

If not, it's Pingo-Doce, mostly (51%) by Jerónimo Martins which also owns pic related. So Biedronka and Pingo-Doce are sister-companies.

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It's mostly because they are very diversified.
They own lots of stuff, but most notably Sam's Club (a nice ware-house club retail store) and Vudu.

Like him or not, Sam Walton was one of the greatest businessmen in history

Oh wow

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CP (charoen pokphand foods)

excluding banks and energy, apparently Dedeman
it's a home improvement store chain
pretty unexpected

That not what this thread is about.

X5 retail group, which are operator of few supermarket branches, most common are Пepeкpecтoк and Пятepoчкa.

no but as usual Jow Forums will find any way to shoehorn china into anything

That move made a lot of sense. They knew as a flat country right after the blitzkrieg they had absolutely no chance and wouldn't even put a dent in Germany, it was smarter to save lives and infrastructure then to put up hopeless resistance


a cheap copy of Ebay, what's more. The owner actively prevents Amazon from entering the country

that's pretty based
argies bravely resisting the reptilian bezos


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Why of course I only read the first few words of OPs post before I make my post, how did you know

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