Why do americans have giant turds for hair?

why do americans have giant turds for hair?

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The one dread

they like to grease their hair on butter and corn syrup so it becomes edible when it's grown long like that

It's a Polish thing, the guy has Polish ancestries

imagine the smell

What is this store or else btw ?

a DMV or a bank

sharts in hair

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i think that's a disease

There's no fucking disease that causes your hair to grow 4 feet long, never be combed or washed, and then turn incredibly crusty.
It's just a fucking slob.

Being American is a disease

That happens naturally if you don't wash your hair, unironically the dread culture evolved from primitive habits of not washing the hair, nowadays they are cleaner, but the concept is the same.

No it's Polish hair, learn history


Never mind the dude with the hair but what is that thing in front of him? I genuinly can't tell.

How can you even go to sleep with that

God I'm eating wtf

If my hair was 4 feet long it would almost touch the floor desu

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lmao fucking midget

because its a wook

wish i had hair that long


Nappy as fuck.

to rule them all.


Grease makes it harder for hair to form knots, kouhai.

Wish I had a cute little kana to give headpats and creampies, desu.

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how the fuck
I feel horrifically uncomfortable if I go even 3 days without washing my hair