1. Country of origin

1. Country of origin
2. Are bald(ing) people considered human in your country of origin

United States of America

No, they most definitely are not. Even the hat, a bald man’s one saving grace, is mercilessly attacked by women. I’m not bald, but I truly feel for these unlucky men, cursed with inferior genetics.

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To be honest, wearing hats speeds the hair loss as your hair can't breath. That's why i'm never wearing any hats, even in Winter.

can wearing hats for only a couple hours a day really cause any serious damage?

as if women don't crop their pics or get bangs to hide their huge foreheads

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This is why I include some clear hatless pics in my Tinder profile.

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The only women that give a fuck are underage and barerly of age women. If that's your thing only then yeah tough luck.

I'd say 22+ it starts mattering less and less. Women tend to care less about the pretty boy with the nice hair and the ripped bald guy starts becoming a lot more appealing.

No, but on a regular basis, wearing every day caps, hat, snapbacks etc... flattens and slows hair growth, and even worse, in some cases fuck up your hairline especially if the hat is too tight.

>he doesn't you that you gotta take care of your hair as well

that's why i only wear visors

fuck you

>stop it.
>she said under her weave, makeup, and soft filter.

lmao balding anglo belguim man

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>I have native and med blood

why are there so many threads on Jow Forums dedicated to physical appearance? this is not a plastic surgery board. who gives a shit.

>wear headphones nearly 24/7 as a kid
>everywhere I had my headphones on is significantly thinner than the rest of my hair
>big old bald spot in the middle
>look like a fucking monk
It's true. Use earbuds btw.

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lol baldy

Are your hairs made of chocolate?

You just have shit genes bud.

I'm balding but my gf said she will always love me no matter what, even if I have a horseshoe

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She is already fucking other men on the side. If she really cared she would have told you the truth which is that you would look better with hair but she’s willing to put that aside if you have a decent personality