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2 Is drug addiction a problem in your country?

1 fenmark
2 no we are not like america

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>Death rate is more than double EU average
>”I-it’s not a problem also fuck America”
Denmark please.

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yes we are like america

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I'm German
>2 Is drug addiction a problem in your country?

just legalize it and regulate it, people are dying because some force has replaced our drugs with fentanyl. spread like a plague out of nowhere pretty much.

also, would you use heroin if it was legal and you knew exactly what you were getting and could get it anywhere for cheap?

No heroin is the worst shit ever and needs to stay illegal. Are you that druggie who replied to my earlier thread and shilled heroin?

no, i just home.
why do you feel that way?

Portugal legalized it and they have a lot less deaths than you

yes, junkies here smoke paco, which is kinda like crack but worse and has stuff like kerosene and rat poison in it just like sisa in greece
our drug problem is very similar to greece's and both were produced by relatively recent economic crisis
oh and retarded teenagers are taking lean because of trap music

Why in the world would you normalize such a addicting drug? It is not like alcohol, marijuanna and tobacco at all. This WILL ruin your life like nothing else. There is a reason why its the junkies final drug, since its at the top on the drug pyramid. You will prioritize heroin higher than food and water. Its just retarded that society will be like “yeah man its ok if you’re too fucked up to take care of yourself, just come down here and we will help you intjwct this good shit”

there are 1 million alcohol related deaths a year globally.

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i got off heroin lmao
like yeah it's addictive but it's not even a good downer

Because punitive justice doesn’t stop people from taking drugs, it just makes you feel good. Legalizing drugs has been proven to decrease their use and prevent deaths. If locking these people up was proven to work better, I’d be all for it but it simply doesn’t work. “Just say no” was the motto here in America for 40 years and it hasn’t gotten any better. It’s now just heroin instead of crack


the people who use it function fine on it everyday, 98% of their problems comes from it being illegal. price, scarcity, legal troubles/prison time, not knowing what they are getting, the time spent trying to find it, price, drugtests causing them to lose or not find jobs. and like you said, you wouldnt take it even if it was legal and readily available. it would cause less problems than you think. plus it would help dismantle drug cartels.

Yes. Heroin addicts live in my city but they're starting to die because they get tainted Heroin.

Why did you even start taking that shit? >it just makes you feel good
yeah i bet it does druggie. I agree we should help those degenerates, but don’t accept the uae of heroin. Lmao whats next you gonna advertize it? Here in denmark it is illegal to advertize alcohol and tobacco products

>muh drug cartels
It has been proven Your shitty government help those bastards anyway, not to mention all those wallstreet punks who profit off of it. As for the 98% problems shit... bruh we both know that heroin will fuck you up more than tobacco, weed and alcohol. Yes the other stuff is unhealthy too, but heroin is a different beast. Not to sound like a soyboy, but its the final boss of drugs. And if you get addicted to it (you will) your life is pretty much over. Hahaha can you inagine going to a music festival and eveybody does heroin? Would be a mess. Degenerate drug

Oh, you just want to shill your idiocy in some vent thread. Shouldn’t have wasted my time

Drugs ain't much of a problem as much as the cartel violence. Thanks gringo junkie scum.