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Watching The Wicker Man

me on the left

Australians and Geordies are natural allies

Working on dying

god i'm absolutely addicted to women who i'm out of their league
can't stop being obsessed with 5/10 and 6/10 women who show interest in me, a 7/10 handsome autist

>This is someone's son

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doctor looked at my willy when I was a baby and I'm not a nonce explain that

attraction to children is caused by development delay which can be instigated by trauma..

You’re not obsessed with them, your addicted to the attention they give you like a lil self absorbed bitch

greta makes a lot of good points and well but recently she has become too committed to making climate change a generational conflict

what about attraction to feet?

is that alright with you de lads

G’day boys

Need all old people dead simple as

you have diagnosed me well
i'm a narcissist....because i didn't get enough validation and attention when i was a teenager in school
now i cope, by allowing myself to feel like a chad admired by insecure girls

it's been a week since seaside has posted
reckon he's stuck to his sobriety this time?

i think ill be getting a hair cut today

Of course mate to each their own

just as a hipster is to fashion

tits, legs and bums are too mainstream

you're just attention seeking within your milieu

lmao it actually wasnt
i wasnt penetrated or anything. i used to ask for it as well because im a disgusting freak
get this - i used to beg the nonce to keep it a secret and not tell anyone lmao. usually it's the nonce telling the kid to keep it a secret. i was a nonces wet dream.

okay that makes sense, but i think their developmental delay is caused more by their learning disabilities and stuff, not them being nonced. also they were probably targeted by nonces and molested because they had learning difficulties which made them an easy target.

when people say this, you can bet they actually did read it ha

read bladees lyrics. he has some very deep running themes about alienation, self-medication, depression and occult shit.
i think you can only truly appreciate it if you can relate tho

Shut up you fucktard
Therapists filling your head with shite

i'm all on board with greta the day she says that we need to nuke China and India to save the planet

probably got banged up with tim

based uncompromising user

I believe footfags are more mentally ill than gays

is that lad who asked me to post pictures of whitby itt?
i took a screenshot in a P51 mustang. you said any ww2 fighter would be okay didnt you?

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he walks

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boomers will probably outlive us in their luxury retirement homes while we suffer.

Finna shave my dome soon personally

i ain't never heard of foot aids

The entire drain gang are upper middle class, childish dorks who think mental illness is cool and being weird is cool.

anyone else itt get molested or am i the only one?
i guarentee i have a more fucked up life than anyone here. i unironically mean that. i am fucked up
maybe moni is more fucked than me, but not by much.

there's never been an AIDS scare or equivalent for footfags
there's never been any STD epidemic for footfags
there's never been a conflict between footfags and the church

footfags are harmless, gays are sinister

You’d know gayboy haha

give me ONE reason you won't vote for this

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No. That is fucked man.

i dont think they think it's cool, i think just use it as their muse.
being weird is cool.

UCSB alum. (go Gauchos)

how come i never hear of any old person outliving their pension

Imagine thinking politicians deliver on promises

Footfags are literal freaks homos are just genetic freaks

Being different is cool to an extent until you become a weirdo

because he wouldn't enact any of those policies
you believe parties actually follow the policies they propose in their manifestos when they get into governent?

*in booming, thunderous voice* YOU RETARDED FOOL!!

me playing with infinite money cheats on

I was. I was pretty bad off before but nothing that couldn't be fixed. After that I was/am depressed for years and still working on reversing the damage. It was 5 years ago so who knows how long it'll take me to fix myself, as much as can be fixed at least.

i suppose it's a good thing im the only one tbf
just wish i had someone to talk to who could understand what it's like
i have a friend who is really close to me and we're really close because we're both fucked up in similar ways. ive had a suspicions he was molested too. ive wanted to open up to him about what happened to me for so long. i hope he hasnt been molested, but itd be nice to be able to talk to him about it and be able to relate


well yeah but then people go and vote conservative because they say they're good with money lol

nice that you think child poverty is so funny

just close yo eyes nigga

Spent the day with my 6'2 friend in Blackburn today


I'm Canadian.
Wouldn't vote for him anyway tho



>Extend Abortion Rights to NI
Corbyn is a liberal imperialist who wants to impose English cultural values on the religious culture of Ulster. Proper bellend.

>It was 5 years ago
how old are you

poor people are poor because they're stupid
it's not the government's job to fix that

blog on

all Arlene needs to do is stop being autistic with Sinn Fein and then England will have no say in the matter.
For some reason they've been incapable of doing that for 2.5 years now though.


>5 years old
fuck. how old were you?
im really sorry to hear that, lad.
did it make you feel like a disgusting filthy freak? ive been dealing with that my entire life. even today i dont feel comfortable touching people because i feel like they think im vile and filthy and would be disgusted if i touched them. it used to be a lot worse when i was 12 - 16, like i couldn't even talk to people. but it's a lot better now. i can talk to people a lot better and im getting better with physical contact.

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>votes for 16 year olds
I never understood this lmao just let the little cunts wait two more years, 18yos and 16yos are nearly identical anyway. biggest non-issue there is

Fuck off tarq

desperately wish amer's dad would rape him before beating him to death

>Spent the day with my 6'2 friend in Blackburn today
pic on

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Phooor love legs

>The United States of America

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>all Arlene needs to do is stop being autistic
this is where your plan fails

16 year olds are passionately obsessed with their retarded, unfully formed political views, and therefore make perfect Labour voters
while it's stupid to let them vote, it makes perfect sense for Labour to have that as a policy, as it helps their power. realpolitik. machiavellian shit.

german handgun shoot twotwothrees
bust through ya condo and rip open ya knees
my nigga, please

You guys

you look like my pet from my grampas' farm

if you don't support Labour you are literally retarded

>little brother just left school (18)
>his friend (Mixed raced) is going round Europe on a little tour before uni begins
>He was in Croatia and sent my little brother a snapchat vid of him kicking down this sign because "Fuck Croatia, they're racists!"
>Really fucking triggered me even though it's just some wooden sign 1000 miles away

Nothing even catalysed it. He just did it because fuck you crackas.

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might trigger schizo epic style

no white man benefits from a Labour government

People's position is basically just what benefits them
Lefties want to lower the age because they vote lefty righties want to up the age so more people vote righty

why is this general so fucking reddit? what is it about /shit/ and shitstains that makes them write these boring reddit blogposts like anyone's remotely interested

Show your workings

emmett patrick garcin is a schizophrenic neo nazi

If you see me comin', better step aside
A lotta men didn't, a lotta men died
One fist of iron, the other of steel
If the right one don't a-get you
Then the left one will

I was 13
yeah dude felt like a total freak. couldn't even talk to my friends anymore or look anybody in the eyes, not even my parents. from 13-17 I never said a word at school unless a teacher asked something of me. not that I showed up to school much in those years.
been getting a lot better socially but still haven't made it to the physical contact bit yet, I recoil when people so much as put a hand on me. never gave up high fiving though lmao, guess that's just different.

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Based putting balkoids in their place

just remembered that time I had a panic attack in public because I'm a stupid machiavellian idiot haha

if there wasn't a name field this general would be 100% better

is google broken, retard?

You should do a collab with britpols Preusse

omen are fucking retards i swear
being a puff must be programmed in their gay faulty brains otherwise every1 wud be 1..

also i am not tired at all it feels about 4 pm for me

think it's appropriate that i eat some noodles now considering i've only had some chicken and chips from the chippy for lunch and that's all the food i've had all day

Ah yes just have a look on stormfront shall I dickhead

maybe? idk, dont go on stormfront. but you might get a different perspective on labour there than you'd get on them from the bbc, independent, guardian, etc
keep an open mind eh cunt

i'm in an income quintile so low i don't pay tax and i only vote conservative

Just told Gurpreet to suck me off as i type this

Doesn't back up your original comment

I live by the sword la.
Myself and my people are all that matter.
Simple as.

>vote UKIP in 2014 EU elections
>vote Tory in 2015 general
>vote Leave in EU referendum
>vote Tory in 2017 general
>vote Brexit Party in 2019 EU elections

seems like i am the constant vote decider, i keep voting for winners
wonder who i'll vote for next

If I ever got audited I would probably go to jail
I've never declared any crypto related income and every crypto>crypto tx is taxable event. As far as the state is concerned I'm basically below average earner when in actual fact I'm most definitely not. It would be a ten thousand page document if they ever did make me do it or look into me more closely

great idea to announce that on here then isn't it dickhead

he's fine