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i call this one: david duke watches star wars.
sorry for making this an edition about a game, i hate video games as much as the next guy. it looks like generic /mena/ fare tho so i think it's ok though.

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first for gay sex with my palibro

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Were you born in the middle east or were you born in britan?

Lmao they put a black guy as the dying bad guy while the "persian" hero is a blond guy

in britain
parents immigrated during the early 90s

Banned test

Tell me about Middle Eastern Christians. I hear they're closer to the "true" Christianity than the Europeans who adopted many European pagan aspects.

it's why i called it david duke watches star wars. it obviously has racist implications plus the guy looks like luke.

just post penis dumbass

What the fuck I literally spoit lots of shit wanting to get banned and I only got a warning, janny is trolling me

I am fapping right now as we speak, dubs decide what i nut to.


Rainbow Dash from mlp

Ah if Kurdistan was a real country would you go?

No I concede, janny won this round

>A game made in a time when only westerners had home PCs is made to appeal to them
Gee what a surprise.

You provide the link then ;)




What about basketball americans ? They live in the west

Christian arabs are arabized in my opinion

Only white nerds played vidya back then.

If it became a real country? Assuming it wasn't established by force and by armed separatists, sure. It would be cool for a person like me with knowledge from the West to help in kick starting the nation.


Do you still have family there? If so do you visit?

he is too busy with lust for penises, don't listen to him

>Assuming it wasn't established by force and by armed separatists
How else would it be established brainlet? State's don't just give up territory.

89 though.
i'm aware you could get away with similar things in film too at the time.
>only westerners had home PCs
japs had their own meme OSes though.
fun fact: that's the genesis box art.
fun fact: sega is japanese and so is the genesis.
fun fact: non westerners lived in the wedt back then as well.

just look at the way Bethlehem Christians dressed for Christmas, this is traditional Palestinian dress. Their traditions and culture is levantine arab
better get to it Tunisian nut to me right now!

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Yes. I go to the KRG every summer.
I don't think we want another conflict, desu desu

>nut to me

Well obviously they're going to be culturally Levantine. I'm talking about the religion itself. Poles and Italians are both Catholic, but they're different culturally as well.

kek, you won't do it

Is it as bad as what the news makes it look like? Or is it pretty fine. Also do you speak kurdish or arabic?

>I don't think we want another conflict, desu desu
Well then it will never be established. State's will always seek to maintain and control and as much territory and power as possible. New States are almost always born of violence and rebellion.

well good luck figuring that out, there is more than one denomination of Christianity in the middle east, and I am not christian so I would not be able to tell you the differences.

nothing better than having your armpits still smell good after a long day out.

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Uhm yes there is
Like cooming for example

Iraqi Kurdistan is one of the safest in the entire region. The rest of Iraq itself is also much safer now, especially with how ISIS has been pretty much raped out of existence and the Syrian conflict drawing to a close. I speak and can read kurdish pretty well. As for arabic, I can understand MSA, but I can't speak or read it well.
We'll have to wait and see. The Kurds in Iraq are doing pretty fine with the autonomy given to them in the meanwhile.

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>We'll have to wait and see. The Kurds in Iraq are doing pretty fine with the autonomy given to them in the meanwhile.
And how was it created? Through violence. My point still stands.

Well thanks for the banter my friend, see you all tomorrow it's pretty late here and I have work in the morning.

no problem, leafbro
same for me, I think I might go to schleep nao

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>And how was it created? Through violence
no it wasn't

>i hate video games as much as the next guy


How much do you understand of Farsi and do you see yourselves as a brotherly people to the Iranians as part of a common Persian nation?

>How much do you understand of Farsi
None at all. I used to sometimes go to my dad's office in Iraq where he'd issue manifestos for Iranian truck drivers delivering goods to Iraq and elsewhere. The language sounds very similar but ultimately incomprehensible.
>do you see yourselves as a brotherly people to the Iranians as part of a common Persian nation?
Yeah. We are pretty much descendants of Iranian tribes.


Have you had any interactions with Kurdish Zoroastrians?

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Very rarely but, in these few occasions that I interacted, they seemed like good people.

We all do celebrate zoroastrian holidays though, like Newroz.

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This is orientalistic and racist. I hope you decolonize your mindset and accept transexualist vegan Islam.

Tfw checking my university's students asses one by one to search for the third Jordanian poster
I'll find you one day

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Are you the Manlet everyone told me about ?
I'm leb-user

Yeah it's me
It's not like that picture can be reverse searched or something
Also I'm 6.4 so shut the fuck up

You are rude

I shoot Lebanese pussies on sight
Get back to sucking Iran cock you subhuman trash

You are very rude

Why did you say I'm leb-user as if I know you?

I was just introducing myself

Ah okay fuck off then

god you filthy falasteeni embarassing the whole kingdom with your autism every day in these threads... back to the m5yam rania plant

احنا الي عمرنا البلد

Kek, Jordanians should castrate you filthy vermin

there are only like 2 million real Jordanians left

hahhahaahah nice joke... back to baqa'a Arafat

Are you Jordanian ?

No such thing as Jordanian, it's a made up country that took 78% of our land to please the hasmites traitors
It's out rightful clay, we will breed Jordanian women and enslave the "men"

Good morning
Will you return to Iraq one day ?
Sometime I feel I'm gay but I'm not attracted to any of pic people

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You should've stayed and defended your land cuck , instead you are trying to act manly on Jordanians who took you as a refugee , I have no respect for you

Sexuality doesn't exist , down let them bait you into thinking that you are gay if you think men are attractive

We were betrayed , Arabs have betrayed us , why är äraps like this ,

there no such thing as a palestinian either if we're being realistic... all 4 countries are just lines made up when the British and French were drunk and dicking around

>It's out rightful clay, we will breed Jordanian women and enslave the "men"
cringe yall already tried that 40 years ago and failed miserably


THANK YOU finally someone said it... i knew the leb would. Literally raping a country of its resource and being disgraceful is nigger tier

No one betrayed you , we took you in and you started a civil war and destroyed my country fuck you

Palestine is thousands of of years old name, what the fuck is a Jordan? Nothing
Also we failed only because of Israelis came to rescue
Lebanese women are rightfully ours

prettty much what said

i dont think any 3rap really likes their govt or leader or approves of any action of cooperating with yahud. just victims of the circumstance unfortunately... not like 3rap had any chance of defeating jews when the west is backing them constantly.

Most Lebanese women are literally grossed by you

>Palestine is thousands of of years old name, what the fuck is a Jordan? Nothing
Jordan River in Biblical Texts? Ammonites? Nabatean? All that stuff originated in modern day Jordan not Palestine...

>Also we failed only because of Israelis came to rescue
yall failed bc you had terrorist guerilla war tactics which were bound to fail, you still had ass*d backing you guys

if i was palestinian, Id be more pissed with egypt. literally nation of 60 million or something at the time and cant beat a few jewish nomads... we held up our side of the battle

you levantines are faggots, just makeup already. Sad you fell to such (((divisive tactics)))

5 years ago I would've cared about the Levant , I now only care about my country

Good morning students, today we are going to learn about how to enter the bathroom.
Enter it with your right feet xDDDD

why lebanon? r u on the we wuz phonecian bandwagon?

Not really , I just lost hope

it's prob a remote pipe dream at this point. I remember when I went through my edgy politics teen phase and was a hardcore SSNP guy all the way. Still believe with some of their ideologies, but man are they some Larping faggots. Not in our lifetimes or kids lifetime but who knows maybe someday... could've been a real powerhouse in the region desu with the long coastline and resources

I think it could still be achieved , but we must develope our countries separately before that
Not to mention that levantines hate each other now because of the Syrian war

If the odds were normal, I would be able to walk from where I am all the way to lebanon in peace to have coffee with mensa freinds or whatever then go back like it was nothing. And we wouldnt be talked about so much in the news and in a relative constant war.
But no, everyone is conspiring on each other and following a plan that in the end benefits only the fanatic zionists but all the world is like that it seems.

>Not to mention that levantines hate each other now because of the Syrian war
pretty much this..

I think you guys have the best flag from all 4 of us, and would love if that stayed the symbol or something like this

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True , all unification movements were hijacked by fanatical dictators
I don't think it would be appropriate to put a tree , it would defeat the purpose , but I'm sure if we can unify the levant that we can come up with a cool flag

لبنان اردن و امريكا يكفي قتالا هنا
صباح الخير جزائر سان

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cringe autist 'gamer' freak

الله يصلحك لنبان سان
هل انت اللبناني الذي اعرفه او لبناني اخر ؟
الالعاب نافعة و ممتعة

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هل انت anime poster ?

>Why yes bro, shit bro, bro! Bro damn bro... how did you know?

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Based محمد

شكراً حبيبي