Do they really?

do they really?

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>She reached for her juicebox!

If the kid had a gun, none of this would have happened.

Laws are for everyone... EVERYONE!

Ok, I know I'm going to get called out for this, but I see you guys post stuff like that ironically all the time, when you really shouldn't be. Most events CAN be avoided if the victim had a gun. If the teachers had guns in Sandy Hook, Adam Lanza wouldn't have killed anybody. If all the people in Aurora had guns, James Holmes wouldn't have killed anybody. There was a story not too long ago about a small child, under the age of 10, who shot and killed their neighbor for not letting them look at their new dog. Now a lot of people ragged on us for that, but what if the neighbor was a criminal? Or a pedophile? The child would be safe, along with many others, because the criminal/pedophile was killed. Yes, I know, sometimes accidents happen that result in loss of life, like the one above, but this is sadly, the price of freedom.

stop embarrassing us holy shit

Why are Americans such racists?

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Surprisingly, it was actually a black man who arrested her

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Lmao are her eyebrows painted on?

Yeah, is that not a thing in other countries?

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hes right though

kids are allowed to have guns here in Virginia

but why

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Why do people paint them when they're so obviously fake? Just trim your natural ones or don't even bother. Having a more tense look doesn't mean you're fucked.

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that nigger’s wearing a wig too

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That's not as uncommon as you think

Why do Americans think this way? It’s weird

We just want to keep our guns even if some kids get shot now and then. It's just excuses.

Cop instincts are overpowering. This black cop couldn't help but shoot himself.

She's black so her tantrum was likely similar to a chimpanzee on the loose rather than your average white child's tantrum.

> why yes, I'm American how do you know it

yes. American police arrest criminals.

hows it feel to be the reason we're made fun of?

self loathing faggot