Hang in

>hang in
>hang on
>hang out
>hang up

fuck english

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etymonline.com/word/hang out

try German you fucking retard heh

hang muslim

>hang in
Don't give up
>hang on
>hang out
Go out with
>hang up
Close the phone

hang yourself
hang tight
hang er

It's the same concept as German with separable verbs (zumachen, ausmachen, aufmachen, abmachen, anmachen, vormachen, and so on)

lmao get fucked

>hang in
The fuck? Nobody says that you illiterate cockroach.

not everyone likes BIC or BPC

>dingos in charge of the English language

No one says it anywhere dumb leaf

There's nothing difficult about english, every single langauge has something similar to that
Piss off retard

>turn down
>turn up
When I first read "turn down someone" I thought you should take someone and flip them

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>There's nothing difficult about english, every single langauge has something similar to that
>Piss off retard

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I've seen "hang in there" countless times

some times as hang on in

>hang ten dude!

english is a very high iq language, doesn't surprise me you don't get it

th(ough) = [tho]
b(ough)t = [bawt]
thr(ough) = [thru]
r(ough) = [ruff]
b(ough) = [bow]
It just works!

blame am*ricans

>shifts the blame
it's your language limey

Hang in there man.

we don't speak like this. whenever you see some impossibly gay construction or degradation of the language it's always a fucking am*ricanism
etymonline.com/word/hang out

make up
>serve or act to compensate for something lost, missed, or deficient
>(of parts) compose or constitute (a whole)
>put together or prepare something from parts or ingredients
>concoct or invent a story, lie, or plan
>be reconciled after a quarrel
>cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance
>the composition or constitution of something
>the arrangement of type, illustrations, etc., on a printed page
>a supplementary test or assignment given to a student who missed or failed the original one

the lingua franca should become french once again

Hang in there is an isolated phrase which is separate from verb + prepositional phrases. Hang in cannot exist by itself, hang out/on etc. can

No, French phonology and spelling is fucking retarded and they even tried to fix the spelling many times but nobody cared enough to get behind it.

Swedish/Norwegian minus pitch accent and gender with an English level of vocabulary would be the most efficient language in existence

>French phonology and spelling is fucking retarded
like english?

hang yourself

English is also retarded but in our defense French contributed to it.

based, i like it when people can have fun learning english