What are YOU doing to make this map green?

What are YOU doing to make this map green?

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lol good luck with that

Nothing, fuck this country and fuck mexicans and fuck amerigoblos.

you can't just ignore the supreme court

My state is red

No, but they'll drag their feet until they're cornered, so expect them to go full gay by 2024.


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>not just privatizing marriage as an agreement between two individuals

oh I love you so much, let's get the state involved haha

this is a map of Mexico my friend

My state is in mexico

you are not original

mexishits are actually trying to bring their degenerate homosexual shit but our based government dont let them do it

>et tu sinaloa?
im surrounded by homos

What am I doing to keep it red, you meant

Guys from Sinaloa are hot as phuck

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Kys ancap subhuman

you're doing nothing to keep in red because you're a reclusive incel who's afraid to look at people in the eyes

i dont think hes from sinaloa

Are you describing yourself?
Adding that you are a cocksucker bitch

why is that kid looking at him that way

Checkin' da booty

being gay is againt GOD

god made gays

>no one has posted the pics from zacatecas where people were literally praying for it to remain illegal

How Catholic is Mexico on a scale from the Philippines to France?

Depends on the region

>Virgencita, te suplico que no legalices la homosexualidad.

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thank GOD im from VERGAcruz

Are Morena voters Catholic or atheist degenerates?

fuck fags and FUCK TRANNIES

I already do

>my state has gay marriage now

It's on the same level as america Christianity, nobody goes to church or respects religion, but love to cherry pick quotes from the bible when it doesn't apply to them.

>nobody goes to church or respects religion
That sounds far fetched or at least more worth applying to zoomers. Some people I know who went to Mexico described it as being far more devout than we are, and there are still plenty of people here who go to church every sunday.

Thoughts on the book “Manana Forever?”

Morena is a bunch of different things put together. Literally Christians and Communist form part of it

Depends on the place. On cities churches are empty or only have old people. On province, people are still very devoted.

Mixed bag,those who remain loyal to Morena after the absolute shitshow that the last few months have been are mostly left leaning people (like SocDem) who constantly praise everything AMLO does and attacking everyone who does some criticism like the Zapatistas ( telesurenglish.net/news/Mexico-AMLO-Zapatistas-call-for-Unity-20190708-0011.html ) while the rest where just destitute people desperate for a significant change and saw it in them, despite the obvious problems with Morena, mainly that it was composed of ex members of previous political parties who were known to be corrupt.

Overall I'm pretty disappointed with the current administration's performance and their infantile attitude of blaming everything on past administrations instead of taking responsibility. And no, I didn't vote for them, I voted for the meme candidate from the "Aryan" north because representative democracy is a meme at best and a masquerade for oligarchy at worst.

TL;DR: Shit is still fucked and seems to be going to remain that way, now we just yell at each other over spooks.

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In small towns the church is often the center of the community, often helpin organize public works and what not.

Yeah, that's not surprising, a lot of towns in Latin America were often centered upon the church which was often the backbone of spanish development in the new world back then. The town I live in was practically founded because the people here complained about having to go far to another town to go to church every sunday and basically wanted their own local church.

Tfw no mexibf to fight homophobia with

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why did MORENA win with socialists when anaya was literally pro-UBI?

yes they can, this is mexico where the police and military regularly ignore orders not to setup illegal toll/search&seizure stations.