How is traffic in your area, Jow Forums?

How is traffic in your area, Jow Forums?

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Pretty bad
>If you’ve ever had to drive across the city of Toronto or catch a bus in town, you’ll likely agree with a new finding: Toronto truly has one of the worst commutes in the world.
>A new study ranks Toronto commuting not just the worst in the country, but the sixth worst in the world.

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it's totally fucked

they've had all the roads closed down to only 1-2 lanes if not completely and people already drive super dangerously and rush hour already had the highways packed and usually in stop and go mode

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let's just say that I sold my car before moving to Bucharest

not too bad, Long island, Nj and CT is where most of the commuters come from. I live north of the city along the hudson, and less people come this way.

We have Trudeau in a dress as a mayor and her anti-car admin that causes gridlocks on purpose to annoy us.


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Is nice, i mean, lot of traffic, but when traffic is too strong we all get out of ours cars and we yells in unison "MADURO COÑO DE TU MADRE"

I live right on a highway about 15 minutes from the Great Adventure in NJ, fucking tourists make it unusable half the year and inflate prices on fucking every restaurant and store in the area

Even as far as the US goes I'm in a soulless shithole that needs a car to get anywhere since there's basically a small stretch of residential rode and highway, that's it. NJ has some of the best infrastructure in the country and [some] Slavic shitholes still have it better

city now 200k on roads built for a lot less. completely fucked, coupled with the fact these faggots don't know how to drive

not bad at all, maybe see 20 other cars when on the road for 15 minutes to and from work

wtf i thought u used a proxy.
How do you even get internet acces there?

It's absolutely atrocious. I've taken over an hour to cross a stretch that normally takes me 15 minutes during the slow hours.

Literally the worst drivers I've ever seen anywhere at any point in time. I am not exaggerating, they are actually fucking retarded and are worse than any group of people I've experienced in country or abroad. Also the roads are complete and utter dogshit, I purposely use I-10 as much as possible since its actually flat and doesn't suffer from the local government's incompetence. No idea why its so bad down here given that Phoenix is the complete opposite, some of the best roads and drivers in the country.

I dont think I have ever experienced actual traffic in my 3 years of driving

Most people are clinically brain damaged. You've got two demographics that cause the most issues:
>the mateblokes in their 4WD utes who drive like absolute wankers, acting like you're a pussy if you don't always go 20km/h over the speed limit, will merge only when their lane is about to end
>the hysterical teenage girls driving a Suzuki Swift or the Volkswagen Polo daddy bought them. Drive like they have a fucking death wish, and without any of the little reasoning the mateblokes have. Indicators do not exist and will run red lights, cut in front of ambulances, etc. Will eventually evolve into single mummies who are glued to their phones even when going 110km/h cruising in the right lane.

Ever seen an ugly girl driving a swift m8?
Girls who drive swifs make my pp go from small pp to big pp

>Ever seen an ugly girl driving a swift m8?
All the time.

>Ever seen an ugly girl driving a swift m8?
Yes, like on a fucking daily basis.

its shit
i made almost 5 minuts today to work

>go to work at 4am no traffic
>go home at 2pm and beat the evening rush

its pretty good when you dont work 9-5

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I used to work 8pm-5am and it was absolute fucking heaven. No traffic either way and you get to appreciate the sunrise on your way home, and have a nice beer at home while laughing at all the 9-5cucks that start piling up on the road by about 6am.

Overall the metro area I live in is ranked as one of the best in terms of commute time but that’s an average. Winter is super cold and shitty, blizzards bring the freeway to a standstill. So many accidents from Black Ice too. In the summer there’s a Major League Baseball stadium directly off the highway and like 25+ festivals downtown throughout the season. Both seasons are sheer frustration but fall and spring are pretty light for traffic.