Do men have darker hair than women in your cunt?

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even women within the same race of a man usually have lighter features
>inb4 my mutt flag
it's literally true

Why would that be the case, unless the women are dying their hair?

lower test = lighter features
it's a fact

Women always have lighter skin and hair color than men
My sister have a pale skin and brown hair while I have a brown skin and black hair

How do you explain vikings raiding christcucks then? Thats just swarthoid propaganda.

retard it's exposure to light

Because women are more neotenous than men.


We are fucking siblings you moron, we live in the same household
She's pale since childhood, we used to go to the beach and she could never handle the sun

yes and skin too it's standard sexual dismorphism in humans

reminder that he dyes his hair



I'm pretty sure it's evenly balanced and women just dye their shit because they want to look like they have red/blonde hair even though none of them do

I think women having lighter pigmentation than men with the same sort of genetics is a trend that is commonly observed

My brother is the palest one of us and has the lighest hair color, so it's not always the case.

The Vikings in historical texts were portrayed as black haired and dark skinned.

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t. Benjamin Franklin


C'est fini.

Hard to say since girls like dying their hair anime colors these days.


But a lot of them dye blond...

...Even blonds (when it darkens whilst growing, wich the usual).

Women have less melanin