ITT: Jow Forums things that turn you on

ITT: Jow Forums things that turn you on
Doesn’t need to make sense I guess

For me, it’s British boys with short hair

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white women getting raped and killed when traveling abroad

black women speaking French

So Caribbean women?

straight sex in the missionary position

Cute arab boys

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The gay ERP based on racial domination/submission that happens here from time to time.

blue-collar mexican boys with dark skin and delicate amerindian eyes


Chokers and bright eyes.

being dominated and stripped

I'm the opposite, big fan of boys with long hair. shoulder length but nothing further for some reason.

be my bf

dead americans

I was attending a small private catholic school at the time I hit puberty. When a girl is wearing mid-thigh socks and they make that slight indentation in the flesh I’m absolutely diamonds.

for me it's reporting the off topic threads that litter this shithole board.

I like nerdy and slightly effeminate gay guys

holy shit me too

Hairy Dutch lanklets

Also wholesome binational couples give me a boner in my heart if you know what I mean

Hairy women and the smell of green apple shampoo

Love a man in uniform, police, army, ambulance, whatever, so hot

Midriffs. My eyes generally wander there first when I look at girls. The exception to that is moneyshots in porn, where I prefer creampies.

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med girls, with light olive skin and dark hair and eyes, used to be racist before Jow Forums and only liked white girls but now my eyes have been opened

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Girls with brackets

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