Stop polluting

Stop polluting.

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*farts in her face*

>Gets angry over a politician you barely knew
Woah, so this is the power of mainstream media

If you wh*Toids don't want third world countries to "contribute" to destroying the environment, maybe they can ship all the garbage and toxic waste YOU export to them back to your wh*Te nations. Oh, and stop buying anything manufactured in those third world countries, too. Hmmm, you move factories to third world countries then point your disgusting pink fingers at them saying they're polluting too much. Then you can go live in the forest like your wh*Te monkey ancestors did before Meds gave you civilization. I hope this autistic, potato-faced pigskin starts cracking some skulls of these hypocrites.

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i wanna pollute your cunt

Is she so theatrical on purpose or is she legitimately autistic?

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multiple personality disorder, she's being used

Stop polluting.

both i think

she unironically is autistic

Why do I have to hate her again?


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I'm eating a big fat burger right now

>those dead soulless eyes
are all wh*Te women like that?

cause she is a girl and has cooties.

Also a lot of int doesn't seem to want to deal with climate change in anyway. If they don't outright deny it existing at all.

What if I support climate change? Organic life is unnatural. It needs to be eradicated. It's why our souls were ripped out of the void and placed here by the nameless caretakers of the natural canon.

You really don't want to disappoint those above God, do you?

Stop skipping school.

I appreciate her enthusiasm, but this kind of thing can't be healthy to do to a child.
The people egging her on should stop. I get the whole "innocent child telling the calcified adults the gooshy truth" shtick but she's going to get a complex and nothing will change.

Based Antonio Brown


she is one of us then. why does Jow Forums make fun of her?? or is it autistic affection

holy shit, one could make so many new pepe faces, just capture the stills.

>a child
she is almost 17, she looks much younger then she is

Fuck, she's actually sort of cute when she's not doing the angry autistic glares.

Did the 'tism took her puberty away? Legit looks like a child.

>gets angry over a 16 year old swedish girl you don't know
Woah, so this is the power of autism.

She is a 16 year old girl.
She is theatrical by nature.

I don't even hate her, at least she has the balls to do something. Although she should also be aware that Sweden is being polluted by rapefugees.

She's a lovely girl that isn't afraid to stand up for what she believes in, I support her on her quest to make politicians take climate change seriously and I encourage her to continue doing what she is doing despite the backlash from the deniers.

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What caused that reaction? what are they talking about?

two things could have happened in this gif
>notice camera
>notice trump
>make angry dramatic face for camera
or second
>she's been conditioned to hate trump (she has 'tism so it probably was easy) and now has a pavlovian reaction everytime she sees him. like how a dog gets happy when they see a leash.

She is basically an adult.
She is 16 going 17.

It's funny how trump shittalks half the political establishment (mostly people he doesn't know personally) but his shit talking is fine. But when a girl does it, you get all psychological and shit.

She is an environmentalist, and trump is the antithesis to that. It's that simple.

Greta more like Great. Can't wait for the day we have to ''clean up'' an oil rig with her if you know what I mean.

It's all just a dumb gimmick. Even if you do get politicians "on board", nothing actually changes. Why? Because soy-drinking LGBTBBQ leftoid faggots end up causing politicians to do what is popular with the soy-drinking masses rather than what actual scientists and experts recommend. For example, my "progressive" city now has a detailed 5-year roadmap for eliminating plastic straws and single-use plastic bags. Yet, do we have anything of that sort and at that level of detail for actual emissions? Absolutely not, and at this rate we never will. It's all a fucking joke. Democracy makes it categorically impossible to progress on this issue, because the solutions are simply beyond the grasp of dumb normies who instead focus on "abloobloobloo muh sea turtles muh plastic straws" and then pat themselves on the back as if they've somehow solved climate change. The politicians, seeking nothing more than reelection, are more than happy to oblige with """""solutions""""" to these non-issues which make them look good without costing anybody anything at all.

As much as I love her and what she does I do think she's just overtime developed an INSTINCTIVE ANGERY FACE everytime she sees someone like trump, looks pretty bitchy.

she is on par with trump regarding expressing emotions. they are about the same psychological age.

I think you're right for the most part, the stupid short-term miniscule '''''solutions''''' (banning plastic straws) gain more traction than the real solutions (re-haul of agricultural practices). But I do think this is changing, people are starting to see the real solutions and do want the governments to attack them at the source.

She's 17 and Trump is mentally 17 at least she has an excuse.

I'm not changing, because I'm too old to do that. I'd rather start a war than give up my lifestyle.

>is she legitimately autistic?
I?ve read that she has asperger, but I think it was here, anyhow all the zoomers are that way by default

anybody that thinks 16yos are "basically adults" are 16 themselves or adults that want to fuck them. teenagers are kids and impressionable as all hell. also don't forget she only wouldve been 12 or so when Trump's campaign started. still I agree with the rest of what you said tho

Its ok. You boomers will make nice seedbeds for flowers and trees when Greta and our people are done with you.

I'm not a denier. I just hate ugly retards, and it's gross to pimp out a kid for a movement.

she mentions Asperger's in her instagram bio

>girl somehow doesn't have to go to school at 16-17
>gets tons of media attention spouting neoliberal bullshit under the umbrella of muh climate
fuck this clown world

I have guns, and you are probably some soft city kid.

someone should tell her the best way to stop is to off yourself

*steals your thunder and makes you seethe*

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i have heard some interview with some "environment activist" (not some tree hugging hippie) some time ago
he was doing stuff with heating/isolation and so, and he was like all those zero emision is complete bs and uneconomical and by that will never be used
instead of aiming for like 100% carbon free emissions its much better to aim for ~95% emission reduction for 10% of the costs (while also reducing maintenance in the long run)
but this position isnt even debatable with most "climate activists"

Greta will make the World Great Again

Greta is going to assassinate Donut Blumpf
screencap this

Very good post

Why is she so small? Does she have a pituitary gland problem or something?

Swedish girls are naturally petite for their FINNISH BĂ–LLS

yeah basically. and i can totally imagine if trump caught that look he would have reacted in the same way and everyone be like holy shit a 70 yo man confronting a child. SAD!

God comments like these are so transparent, "ShEs JuSt A cHiLd"
You don't really care about kids you're just trying to justify your irrational hatred of someone doing better than you in life, we're living in an era of social media, video game addiction, porn addiction, body dysmorphia, heavily processed food becoming more accessible than traditional foods in some places... And you think that this girl who decided herself to skip school one day to go to protest, and is now able to use her newfound fame as a platform is having a bad time? What about child actors? No one was screaming when macauly caulkin got famous.

He isn't afraid of her

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you're beyond retarded

Not him.
You are correct but this is 4ch, what reaction do you expect...

>gets angry
Where's the proof? Did you look into my phone cam CIA?

Looks like the cheetos died in his nap, long live, Pence.

Start building more RBMKs. Run it at LOW power than do a turbogenerator test.

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and people say the UN is useless

Nothing bad would happen

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Do you by any chance remember his name ?

Run electricity on DC only. Put nuclear reactors into cars.

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no, would be a pain to google aswell

>stop colluding

Imagine looking in her eyes and saying no then laughing

this makes sense. the law of diminishing returns never fails

He's not even listening to the fucking lecture. He's listening to comfy Donkey Kong music with rain sounds to help him sleep.

I want to marry Greta

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at least she cares about climate and not some entirely dumb shit like trannies using ladies restrooms

he went a bit more deeper into the subject aswell
for example he explained that he offered his customers thermal insulation that would reduce their heating and by that also maintaince which would refinance themself over ~10 years
thats something people can go for because it isnt abstract and out of personal life

>CNN on Greta

>Jow Forumsturd maymays and logic.
Christ you people are fucking idiots.

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>stop liking what i don't like or you are a poltard

Is funny since Greta is in fact autismal af lel

She right tho ofc, but she still annoying as hell.

greta on her mom 1:23. is this covered in sweden?

You can laugh now and dismiss a crying teenager but when a billion climate refugees come knocking at your door you will have all reason to cry, too.

Why don't people want nuclear energy? And I don't mean in retarded places like faultlines, but just imagine how much pollution from electricity generation could be cut down in areas. Especially when they're finding new ways to make the waste products cleaner or reusable.

Is what covered, I'm not really getting what you're focusing on there? Tho most likely yes, she's in the news a lot, I kinda tune it out now

something I hate about this girl, unrelated to her politics, is how everybody on twitter seems to think they can't criticize her because she is a girl, and has asperger

it's extorsion, she is either a politician and you can criticize her, or she isnt and you shouldnt pay any attention to what she says. it's asymetric and unfair if everybody is forced to hear her but not allowed to answer her.

and the asperger thing is condescending, they can be pieces of shit, many arent dumb at all, you are allowed to criticize autistic people.

Well presumably beause the actua uranium mining is rather polluting, you're right tho, as a stopgap it's def less shitty than coal any day.

just in general autistic statements she makes
like for example talking about her mom in this video "i don't care about how she performs and her career wasn't that big" and everyone is laughing. pretty cringe, imagine her mom. she may be right about the planet but come on.

True that, lad. Tho ngl a lot of the "criticism" has been boring ass britbong conservatards hoping she'd drown in the atlantic. Like hoping someone drowns isn't an argument. You're right tho.

Ngl. both sides of this are annoying as shit, with lol-cowing interspersed in between.

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Oh yeah lad, def. Ngl the whole thing has an air of when the special-ed kids perform at a school function or some shit and everyone claps like it was brilliant even though it was shitty? Like they find it endearing that "she's so well spoken" even though she's an aspie? It also comes out when she laments how normies don't know as many technical terms as she does

where will these climate refugees be coming from

Same place they come from now, only this time they'll actually have a legit reason.

Research says: The Middle East, Pacific Island and South-East Asia will be the first to go, couldn't find where I found that, but I read an article at one point describing that the middle east is projected to be uninhabitable by 2050, the then pacific islands, then south east asia, I'll keep looking for it.

the middle east is already uninhabitable


but sweden will become a 1st world tropical paradise. epic win

stop farting

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