Is being born as a skinny tall white male with lightly feminine features basically winning at the genetic lottery?

Is being born as a skinny tall white male with lightly feminine features basically winning at the genetic lottery?

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i dont see any feminine features on the guy you posted

are you implying that guy has feminine features?

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>implying those earrings aren’t faggy

Kind of, I don't know what other appearance you would rather have.

the only feminine features here could be pale white skin and blonde hair

you mean getting cucked left and right by arabs and blacks is winning the lottery? thank god im not white then

Is he a habsburg?

That guy doesn’t have feminine features and he’s pretty fucking ugly. Pic related with blue eyes would be.

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Yes, since you don't even need to do facial surgeries

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Fine then, he is feminine in how ridiculously attractive he is

Fucking mutt lmao

i take it back the eyebrows are pretty feminine

Yes, those are feminine traits.

>how ridiculously attractive he is
Yikes no. It only works on women. Not men, and especially not ugly men.

He’s from Russia. Chechen I think.

I won't deny that he's very attractive, but that type of face doesn't age well.

the guy has a neckbeard

Not really, I mean he is white after all.

compared to one that's ugly?

what makes you think that? people with high cheekbones tend to age much better

He's still a mutt, and ugly.

This guy's features are too strong to be a "skinny feminine guy". He should lift

Tbh neckbeards are ok and can even be attractive if the guy is hot and not fat. And also if it’s not more than some stubble.

fair enough but any guy looks better with a full beard

He’s not a mutt, he’s a pure Caucasian, and ridiculously attractive. I’d marry one of his kind if they weren’t Muslims.

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Personally I hate that. Stubble is my favorite. The slightly longer beard without the mustache works on this guy because he has really dark hair that contrast nicely with his skin. But I don’t like anything longer than that.

Buff too as long as the cheeks are hollow or cheekbones high, the skinny part is more about taste.

No, compared to someone with a rounder face.

He doesn't have much fat on his face. I'm no expert but in general our faces get more "bony" as we get older, if you already start like that chances are you will look old much earlier. That's also why Asians age much more slowly, they have a lot of fat on their face, thick skin and rounder faces.
It doesn't necessarily mean that he will look unattractive, just older than what he actually is.

i mean being able to have a stubble up to cheekbones is better than having it just on your neck or low on your cheeks

Yeah, again, I wouldn’t recommend it for most guys, it just works really well on Chechens. They have great bone structure.

if you have a rounder face then it will sag when you age

if your skin is taut on your face then you'll basically look like that for most of your life

He looks like a disgusting greasy shitskin and to be honest I have never seen a genuinely good-looking person outside of the Celto-Germanic genetic sphere of influence, even darker-complexed people secretly agree on this, this is a harsh truth that affects my own self-image no lesser than it would an Indian, Latino, Asian or Arab, whites are a genetic goldmine and need to be protected from the ugly brown hordes

hollow looks are associated with beauty though. some people remove wisdom teeth just so they can have hollower cheeks

>prefering a neckbeard stubble over a fullbeard stubble
what kind of weirdo are you?

pretty much

take a look at this

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how the fuck is this guy a model? my highschool had better looking guys than this

Is he in China to quench his yellow fever?

His skin is nowhere near the color of shit. He has black hair and great bone structure, and looks very masculine. There is nothing brown about him except maybe his eyes.

Both are fine. I like stubble on the face where the beard is supposed to be (is that called fullbeard stubble?) I just don’t like long beards is what I’m trying to say. Pic related is how I ideally typically like it.

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As I said I didn't necessarily imply that he would look unattractive, just older. I'm personally not a fan of that look though, even though it's quite common in the fashion industry I guess.

That is a problem that hits much later though, especially if you're just slightly round. But you're right though, guess that's the reason why Asians hit a wall at a certain point.

a us boomer trying to shoot negative criticism at good looking young guys that I post wasn't predictable

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are you trolling? he is not attractive

im 23 and i almost look better than him even. who the fuck do i contact if the standards are this low?

Well to each their own. They’re attractive to me. I love Caucasus men.

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post face

Took me a while to notice the blackcel in the background

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looks like a rat

Pic related is unironically a model.

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jesus christ that's disgusting

don't forget, being ugly is a prerequisite for growing an interest in asian women

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You guys know they’re two different guys, right? And they’re uniquely attractive.

"Models" aren't supposed to be good looking.
Just open any clothing website like H&M or Bershka

he's so tall too what the fuck

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he looks proportionally average but with extremely long legs lol

Ok the real reason why Third worlders are invading Europe and breeding the women is because everyone wants their sons to look something like this

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ugh, can someone make the american flag stop talking to me? do me a solid guys, I swear I'll be indebted to you forever

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you want a banana to calm down monkey? lol

They will never look like this though, they will look like weird brown people.

Also from another thread, this Serbian man is beautiful too.

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a lot of the time they are though

I think it's the exception when a model is just weird looking without being at least above average by objective standards

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>everyone wants their sons to look something like this
I absolutely do not.

yes they are really the epitome of beauty

why not? it would be easier for him to become a tranny

Wtf. Males are supposed to have dark masculine traits. My daughters will be fair phenotypes and feminine as they should be.

And another near perfect looking male.

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>Males are supposed to have dark masculine traits
your brain has been fully zog'd

This. Pale, blond guys may be nice to admire but swarthy BVLLS are for actual reproduction.

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ok Jow Forums

Looks like a twinky FAGGOT

No, it’s human nature to think this.

Swarthy guys are better for both IMO.

which is good

you stinky darkies should just stick to your own kind and not try to proselytize

Men tend to be darker than the women of the same ethnicity, it's normal to find pale men feminine.

stay mad pink boy

The blond twink is mad. Sad!

>you stinky darkies
I’m blonde and the exact opposite.

>should just stick to your own kind
Everything is fine as long as both parties are white

>and not try to proselytize
Just expressing my preference.


I am ginger with blue eyes and my gf is blonde with green eyes

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If I was forced to have my dick sucked, it would be a twinky "male" like these.

If I had to suck dick I'd make sure it's a bvll.

>I am ginger
I am so, so sorry, Connor... Must be tough...

Based med BVLL.

I am cute. I look like a twink. But now I have a bf and I'm afraid of wasting my twink years with just one guy. I thought he was cute when I first met him but now I'm not turned on by him much. I wanna get dicked by lots of cute guys but on the other hand completely random hookups are kinda creepy. I don't know what to do.

Are you seriously implying we are supposed to give in to female impulses towards sexual dimorphism and miss out on having beautiful people, apparently because women favor fucking with hairy repulsive gorillas in their ovulative period? Light-skinned men are objectively better-looking than any greasy wog will ever be

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i would prefer to be born a girl -_-

hence why if you want to be whiter you can take estrogen, it makes the skin paler

Same even though I don't have dysphoria

Pale guys are objectively better looking, but swarthy guys actually make me want to have sex.


Cope all you want but light features aren't a masculine sexually dimorphic trait (except maybe blue eyes). These "men" you're posting were made for sodomy, and you're a fag.

he's attractive like a man, you are gay, mate

>Is being born [...] with lightly feminine features basically winning at the genetic lottery
no, it's hell
in literally all scientific study this kind of male is judged by females as inferior or only fit as a provider

t. someone suffering this exact fate

Random hookups are overrated af, it doesn't feel as good when you're not comfortable with the other person.

women like feminine guys, even when those themselves look almost as women (unlike these posted here)

Get aids.

is he a faggot?

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so the darker the better according to you

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women (and gays) ITT would rather fuck a brown latino gorilla over a wild celtic stallion like this just because this guy doesn't appease their bestiality fetish

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Yeah I know. Ive done some and most of the time couldn't get hard. But I kinda want fwb though. I kinda had one and he was this cute puppy boy 18yo that looked like a hot childhood friend I had then I ditched him for my bf.
Now I'm fucking kicking myself over it and think of him everyday because he and I actually talked about somewhat deep stuff about our lives together on walks at 3am and we did some sexual stuff but didn't quite get to full on sex though. Now I just wanna go back but I also don't wanna hurt my bf.

high tier men > high tier women
average tier women > average tier men
low tier men > low tier women

No women tend to prefer their own race, it's just that men are on average darker.

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>posts Jow Forums article
my friend, you just said that light features are feminine, then surely those with the darkest features must be the most masculine according to your logic?

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low tier women > low tier men