Haha indians are all beta orbiters and shit in the stre-

>haha indians are all beta orbiters and shit in the stre-

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why people do this

Da fuck? Did he just fill his muscles with water?

He's Brazilian, stop stealing our weirdos.

im gonna cooooom

That's the most attractive woman I've ever seen.


This is like that Spongebob episode where he buys fake arms to look strong.

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His name is Valdir Segato and he's Brazilian.

Did he just fucking open his bobs?

>Doc, give me the biggest tits you have

awaken my masters

i saw a documentary where a doctor told him he had to stop injecting synthol or he would die or something like that, guess the doctor was wrong.

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Wtf is that Boogie? How many Ls can one man take?

milk truck arrive

Damn mammaries, popped a hardy here.

look at those milkers

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I didn't need this today. Fuck you.

how do i become THAT based?



more like khorne

ren stimpy


More like slaanesh

Too ugly for Slaanesh.
Slaanesh only likes pretty boys

No, you guys still are. Stop kidding yourselves.