What do in downtown Toronto?

I got fired today. So I decided to go with my fat body to downtown Toronto tommorow trying to clean my mind.

The things is that even having almost a year a here I haven't really been to much there and those times I was always not to far Union Station.

>What you recommend me to do there?
Preferably free or cheap. I'm open to any recommendations, even if they are at midnight. I'm sure there's plenty of anons to know more of that place than me.

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>>What you recommend me to do there?
>Preferably free or cheap. I'm open to any recommendations, even if they are at midnight. I'm sure there's plenty of anons to know more of that place than me.


come home, man

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I can't. People depends on me. I tried several times in the past tho.

No, I can't.

Coward faggot subumhan

I went to Toronto a few years ago, they have some cool record stores, not sure if that's your thing but I found it nice

Toronto is basically the "no fun allowed" capital of Canada. Just wander around like a vagrant and see what happens, maybe you'll find some cool people to hang out with or something.

go find a job somewhere else
there gotta be places

Why did you get fired.

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I don't know but there's an imax theatre

move to Alberta and work as a farmer

Hmm could it be that he was reported to the immigration authorities...Hmm, would somebody be so devious?

or on the oil fields

Why did he not have a SIN number like all of us leafs.

Albertas energy industry is unironically dead or dying lmao. I used go to college there and the only job I could find was in ontario lmao.
t. Albertan living in Pickering

jump off the cn tower

grim, my oil worker uncle has been living large in fort mac Murray for years, prolly have to sell his house there soon and find new work once he can't afford to live there anymore

It was totally destroyed under Notley and Kenney is taking his sweet time getting the ball rolling again.
How retarded is it that people living in the most resource rich province have to go elsewhere for work

If your uncle is some tradie hes fucked lmao probably on ei. I mean I had education and experience and still couldnt find work imagine being uneducated or just another general l.abor nigger.

Its a /comfy/ government job so im happy. Fuck that place those morons deserve their fate.

Bet you get benefits out the wazoo with that gig
> Fuck that place those morons deserve their fate.
Wow rude

How? Unemployment peaked before she came to power

Why are you so angry? Tell me about your father user


Which intersection?

I can't barely speak with other humanbeing even drunk is difficult to me but I can walk around I guess. My speak english is so broken.

I'm gonna get another job and I still having the weekends one tho

No reason, I was pull off literally 10 minutes after my shift begin for literally no reason.

Is like Cineplex?, Not sure what's that.

No one want to go there.

I don't think so, like there's more than one illegal there and not only Mexicans.

>paying for killing myself
I don't think so.

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Im not one of them morons who voted for NDP because they were worried they wouldnt receive their government gibs. I only voted for Wildrose when I was there in college.

lmao he is a tradie, he wanted me to go out there a few years ago, but i ended up in ottawa doin uni, glad i didn't get trapped

The biggest oil companies like suncor are ALMOST bankrupt they do have deep pockets unlike the smaller companies which most are defunct or bankrupt btw. I did some decommission work at fort mac most of the smaller oil businesses are unironically bankrupt with bosses fleeing to the states in droves.

Sauce? I haven't looked at the official numbers but there was a very clear shift when the NDP got in where all of a sudden nobody had jobs.


Like I cant even get references from the company I worked for because they got bankrupt.

Yeah it's just a movie theatre with a massive screen but showings are limited. Most countries only have 1 or 2 if any but apparently Mexico has 5 so it's probably not worth it.

No most of the hurt was based by the feds with their carbon tax coupled with the horrible oil prices. Like at one point we were selling oil by the barrel for 20 dollars or less which was half of its market value.
Oil sand is completely unprofitable because oil needs to be sold at least 60 dollars or more for a profit.
The keystone pipeline wouldnt do shit because you are pumping oil into the most oversaturated energy market in the states especially the mid west and places like north datoka where they practically have zero regulations unlike us.

Never been in one tho.

Probably I'd give it a try.

Look at these folks.

Go to ROM and look at stuff.

Is it good?