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Based and crêpilled
I had some yesterday and just finished the last one with some caramel and salted butter

I liked it when this gen used to post comfy Dixie landscapes.

those're available upon request bud

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5th for Delenn

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I only have leaf landscapes

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lawdie the hill country is G O D S country i tell you hwhat

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we do whenever new regulars show up. i think we need maybe two more before we reach critical mass and plantman and i can spam the general with autistic and obscure music and books

yee then it's only a matter of time before they buy a banjo like turkbud or make gumbo from the /dixie/ recipe
>the influence spreads

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Sorry, I deleted everything when I needed storage space for all the crêpes pics

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Wait I have this

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i've gotten pretty good with my banjo and i bet that the bf could play a few tunes. maybe i'll post a vocaroo sometime

or mac n cheese. it's pretty good with that colemans dry mustard mixed in

How come autumn has more colours in the south

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yee do it
been itching to buy a dulcimer but theyre at least $100 for a decent one
spring too

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maybe because it takes longer when it's winding down from summer to winter rather than having about 2 weeks of fall like northerners do

i'll see if he feels like doing it sometime

those are sweet. hammered dulcimers too

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Thanks for all the comfy pics :)

Post one from your area

he has to say it first tho

Nah, I'd say we have just as much colour in spring. Yours just comes from above while ours comes from below.

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kot for Nymburk

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I'm from Occupied Virgina i.e. NoVA


Well my family is from Richmond


Hello from Montgomery Alabama.Here's some generic picture of the city

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Conway do you really wear cargo shorts?

i wear jeans most of the time

Can you make a norway kot with a Hulk Hogan mustache

sure, I might tomorrow

dunno how i missed this
looks good bud

yeah but do you wear cargo shorts?

You are the hero we don't deserve

Thanks guys.

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>p-pls accept me
just post or don't post, stop being a cuck

nice projection

have (gay) sex

I can literally just say anything and Cobb will start crying
it's like some bizarre pavlovian thing

>reeeeeeeeeeeeee cobb stop bullying me

>i get asspained literally every time cobb mentions me
sneed's seethe and feed
formerly cope

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>dude you're totally seething about the guy who has been having thread-consuming temper tantrums about everything you've posted for over a year

Virginia worked into a seethe

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My bionicle meme folder is far larger than it has any right to be

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I feel a Bionicle loredump abrewin

that's great, love it
this one's going to the time capsule

I remember playing some bionicle game with the masks when I was younger, can't remember what it was called.

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Did you know that Viper was born in Arkansas?

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Total stealth.

did you know gookmoot founded 2channel in CONWAY arkansas?

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did you know the cobbmoot will found cobbchannel in COBB COUNTY Georgia

is weed bad

Would post

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dead thread

a plant can't be bad

hello how are you sir

yes hello im good and you?

me irl right at this moment

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Obscene imagery


We are not friends

we are, indeed, friends

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wakie wakie

Anyone have the cursed Georgia flag?

allah forgive me for posting this rubbish

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ty bby

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always expect somebody to die whenever I see an elephant in a webm thumbnail


COMFY rain rn

roses are red
violets are blue
germans didn't found any cities in eastern europe
and watch porn with lots of poo

Fucking based

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>cursed Georgia flag
For some reason, this is the first thing that popped into my head.

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I dislike people

I could've sworn the meme one references that one (in particular the atrocious 'Georgia's History' banner), but it's possible I have an outdated version since more shit used to get added to it every month

seriously what brand of massive cockgobbling fagmeister are the people who design these blue background + seal state flags
I'm going to be stuck with this piece of shit forever when we have like 412 years of history to design something cool from
god dammit

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I will be the man who unites /cum/ and /dixie/ once again...

Euros who hate the rest of the country can come too or make their own thread

90% of us have never posted in your shithole, now go back

Some still remember a time we were one and not two

i'd rather drink cow diarrhea then talk with y*nks

there needs to be a divide

good lads

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Stay salty, see scoreboard

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gamers rise up


>go to war with irrelevant Belgium-tier nation with army a quarter the size of yours
>sustain more casualties than they do
>brag about burning down what is (in your view) your own city
do they really