Who are the richest people from your country?

Who are the richest people from your country?

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Ha, everywhere but North America, Western Europe, and East Asia are POOR and also GAY

There are many wealthy people in Botswana


>Chile 40
Well killing only 40 "persons" should be easy

Officially an English aristocrat who owns Reuters, the vice chairman of Alibaba and the Weston family who owns Loblaws. In reality it's actually the Desmarais family who controls Power Corporation, the country's largest company. PM Pierre Trudeau, PM Brian Mulroney, Herman Schmidt and PM Paul Martin are just of few of their former board members and their current head is coincidentally married to the daughter of PM Jean Chretien.

*Helmut Schmidt


I just want 50k eur after taxes per year and a wife here. Tf do I care? Especially when the West is overrun by ethnic shit all over the world now.


Son Masayoshi

He is Korean entrepreneur

Me and the lads

>Caribbean: 10 in 2017
More like 9

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The Aldi brothers

The King of Sugar, Robert Kuok

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Idk and Idc

Alisher Usmanov. Owns half of Russia and even owned English football team Arsenal

the politicians

the waltons
bill gates
bob igor probably
tim cook maybe
coch brother (formerly brothers)