Why are amerisharts so evil

Why are amerisharts so evil

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impotent rage from childhood genital mutilation

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But that chinaman is the evil one, he killed the innocant american soldier

lack of genetics

For he who hath fought for China shall win in the end

Based, Americans always fight for freedom, while the terrorists fight for dictators.

honourless culture.
the american way is the merchant way. They will never understand the concept of martial honour.
The burger in the video actualy depict well americans, they only fight for money.
This probably contribute as well. The idea that your parents hated you soo much that in your first moments of life they willingly decided to torture you must be mind breaking

why are you so mad at america/americans anyways? did some mutt on vacation or stationed near by fuck your wife and/or sister? are you just islamic?

this, the american just wanted to circumcise him

he just wanted to free his dick

i though they fight for jews?


Americans are the real Jews and that is a good thing.

yikes, what a bunch of soulless bugmen

these slaves think they have more freedom than me

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t. needs a trash loicense

Did he forget to tip?

what because that one bloke got fined 5 years ago? cope

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No. but he only tips 15%

>martial honour
Dare I ask, how many wars have you fought in, my good man? Would you like to share some tales of your feats on the battlefield?

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>"I fight for China" is written in English instead of Mandarin

Yes, but only because the government gives benefits to soldiers

its a message for diaspora in the west


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don't americans accidentally bomb innocent civilians just because?

I live in the middle of a battlefield

Hey man, if you had the most bloated military budget on the planet and few targets to shoot at you'd get pretty bored too.

that's what I mean by honourless culture.

Most americans are like that unironically

>hey man

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Can we get a different pun?
Maybe something funny like americunts.


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>I live in the middle of a battlefield
Do you mean that you are in a high crime neighborhood? Why worry yourself over Americans so much then if your own folk often have violent tendencies? Maybe you should worry about fixing domestic issues first before focusing on things abroad. You still didn't name any of your feats of value, Mr. Honorable Warrior Man.


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*feats of valor


>Maybe you should worry about fixing domestic issues first before focusing on things abroad
>sent men to middle east

I press F to pay my respects

Thank you for your service and for fighting for my freedoms


We are all ZOG

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>Maybe you should worry about fixing domestic issues first before focusing on things abroad.
Americans are the source of 90% of the world's problems, including the ones that happen in my country.

Boris IS an amerimutt


Shhh, don't tell him.

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