Do normal Austrians consider Germans to be foreigners? What do these guys think of one another?

Do normal Austrians consider Germans to be foreigners? What do these guys think of one another?

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Yes and no we see them as foreigners but also as fellow Germans. It's probably not much different from the UK and America.
Apart from that South Germans like Bavarians are extremely similar to us.

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What about the Swiss?

Woulda thought it would be more like US and Canada

Austria and bavaria = based and bluepilled
Saxony and pomerania = cringe but redpilled

Bavarian independence when?

It's like bags of sand.

When Silesia and kalingrad reunites with Deutschland

americans are german

You are German

Why cringe?


Because stupid accent, still redpilled though because of their irredentism

Austrians are our brothers. Most see them more like being from our 17th Federal State. Culturally we are very very very similar, even though most Austrians like to believe they are more unique than they actually are. ANSCHLUSS JETZT

What about luxembourg, liechtenstein, north switzerland?


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Liechtenstein - many people are so ignorant that they barely know that they exist. But they are very simillar to us to.
Luxembourg - they are germans pretending to be french.
Switzerland - they are probably seen as the most unique. In order of foreginess they are on the same level as the netherlands.

t. has a german royal family

Despite being culturally more like us than north Germans they are more seen as their own thing probably because they were neutral in both World wars. Still German but more Swiss.

I don't know enough about Canada for that I see it more as USA light that's why I said America and not USA but a better comparison might be between America and Australia.

Stop destroying your country first. No way we will join your suicide pact.

swiss were seen as germans until the 1200s

Yes of course they do.

Yea austrians hate germans

Austrians call all Germans "Piefke".

Germans call all Austrians "Schluchtenschei├čer".