1. Your country

1. Your country
2. Do people have circumcision parties in your counry?

1. Turkey
2. Yes. I hate this shithole.

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there's nothing wrong with parties.
have sex, incel

> It's now illegal in Turkey to perform circumcision on boys between the ages of two and six to prevent psychological trauma: “If the children don't understand why it's happening, they just remember the pain"

1. USA
2. Fuck no. It just happens quckly nearly right after you're born unless you're Jewish or something.

Damn she's bad as hell

incel freak

Yes we do and they all believe they're doing a good thing and that it's not painful or that he will forget the pain so it's fine

Don't they circumcise right after you were born though?

A week after.
Before that blood doesn't coagulate properly and they'll just die from blood loss

Why do millions of people around the world hate that small, but important, piece of skin?

i thought you sand people stoned people for stupid shit like that

Sorry but it doesn’t happen at all to normal Americans. You were lied to

what stupid shit

yes i walked around with my newly circumcised dick dancing around naked from waist down while everyone laughed
my relatives like to remind me of it a lot

because an Arab 4000 years ago was too lazy to clean his dick cheese

dance unnecessarily proactively

So the dentists or doctor?

How is circumcision not haram?

Because skydaddy said and even if it goes against all common sense skydaddy says so human has to obey

According to this guy its haram

it technically is,because bodily harm/body modification are both haram
but "grandpa Abraham did it so don't think about it"

that would include some hygiene stuff

like what

Well some Jews said that too but rabbis just parrot
>Like God created many things they were in their unrefined form like gemstones or wheat that can be made into something better
Or something along this lines
Essentially you could interpret it as them saying going cyborg mode on humanitarian would be fine bur that's the "wrong interpretation"

On humanity*
God I hate phoneposting

Why did you it reply
Not even going to bother.


>circumcision parties
3rd world countries like Turkey and the USA are so funny

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And Australia and the UK until not long ago.
Some new Zealanders as well but much less

Never heard of any white native-born NZers being circumcised. Just the foreigner trash our retards are importing.

I wonder how many dead Jewish babies it took for them to get the timing right.

Probably too many.
They now claim its a sign it's from God because it's right at the right time.
They're completely mad.
It was an Anglo trend.

how is this not haram?


Wait you're supposed to do it directly after you're born? I got it when I was 6, i've never even heard of circumcisions directly after birth.

In the Philippines its done on a later age and isn't it just a slit or something like that?

because she's a gypsy not a human

People who perform circumcisions deserve the gallows. People who order them or otherwise play a minor role in supporting them should be in a psych ward.

why is the kid standing there like a retard

Britain was spared from the big post-war explosion of dick-flaying as their doctors couldn't reach a consensus. Though I believe I read it was a fashionable trend for the upper-classes who could afford it before then.

Circumcision is absolutely the smart choice.
Personally i would also remove the top of each finger.
Then you do not have to ever cut your fingernails, and you can't touch dirty things making you much more hygienic.

No they weren't because it was a thing before the war

Bro just cut off your ears the part that does the listening is on the inside anyways it can function without the outside parts it's just "a piece of skin"

Yeah dude
You could also cut off your nose so you never have to blow your nose anymore.
It's like so convinient and much more aesthetic than some fucking hawk beak in the middle of your face

based Israeli
Are you a Russian immigrant or are you just reasonable?

Mix of both.

Yeah, they don't cut it all off and it leaves like a little jacket for your peen.

>celebrating mutilation

Absolutely barbaric

Well it's not the same at all then you still have your foreskin

I hate Turkey, Istanbul , Topkapı Palace, Turkish music, folk music, trying to step in front of people to get inside overcrowded buses, folklor, football, people who don't know how to queue, mud, kids who shittalk me when i walk through their neighbourhood, smell of sweat, religion and tourism classes, shoes in front of doors, asswashing mugs, villagers, bus assistants, knitting works, smell of rose water, headscarves, alaturka toilets, praying rugs, water and electricity outages, sound of turkish instruments, eating turkish food, turkish dances, circumcision parties, apartments smelling of food, overcrowded cities, fatherlessness, poorness, having no girlfriend, being shy and being a t*Rk. it nauseates me.

I didn't even know what circumcision was until visiting Jow Forums.

I remember seeing a diagram in school during sex-ed where there was a circumsised penis compared to an uncircumsised. I just figured "circumsised" meant the skin was pulled back because there was no explanation.