Your cunt annexes it's neighbors. How does it look?

Your cunt annexes it's neighbors. How does it look?

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We big now

as its used to be in 19th century

like soviet union

An entire continent.

Scandinavian union pretty much

already happening

basically we would own all of south america except for the platines and venezuela

Oh yeah

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>Indonesian Borneo
yeah nah

Finland please stop eating you're getting fat. We're here to help you. We are your friends.

Learn English, disgusting mutt.

Just one more I swear

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fatter, browner and stupider than ever

God I wish that were me

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Bad, cuz now we have 4 more economies with shitloads of inflation, like ours wasn't bad enough

No neighbour friends to annex

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We return to natural

Belgium and Germany, nice small Germanic union. Do neighbours directly across the water count? If so, we eat the UK, Venezuela and a lot of Carribean islands too

>we eat the UK
How'd you work that out?

We look better

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