Why do americans eat so much sugar

Why do americans eat so much sugar

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google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=sugar effects mood

need dat dopamine bruh

We need less sugar and salt in Mex 2bh


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They drink it

did you know theres no such thing as a sugar rush
sugar makes you hyperactive but it doesnt make you happy,, it in fact makes you angry and moody
it could explain a lot of wierd shit that happens in america, sugar heavy diets that is


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google.com/search?client=firefox-b-d&q=sugar effects mood

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Non-green countries = third world


Obviously, you're the fattest nation in the world

wrong once again

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you what

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household income / wealth
i think its because many americans just waste all their money to show off instead of saving it

We aren't

Corn subsidies

It's because meds live with their mommy until 45 instead of taking on mortgages.

in spain its 30

Wow I'm embarrassed you rapped us Fucking 30.

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Imagine not only buying Bulldozer, but slapping a case badge on to show everyone that you did.

the stickers come with the CPU, i think they're quite cool
i still have mine on my screen even tho i have intel now

I used to do a lot of sugar until I swapped it for stims

sweet corn

> sugar industry lobby + political corruption + stupid people