Do you use a bidet after pooping? If not why are you walking around with poop particles in your pants?

Do you use a bidet after pooping? If not why are you walking around with poop particles in your pants?

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I don't have a bidet but I blast my bumhole with the removable shower head. If I'm away from home I keep paper towels in my pocket and soak them in water from the sink to wipe my ass. Not optimal but it's my only choice.

I use it, my state is installing them in new homes.

Yes I do

>bidet? No. I flush baby wipes instead

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Do you use a bidet everytime you fart? No? Well you are walking with poop particles on your ass as well.

I used to now I use wipes

>not washing your ass in the shower

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i actually want one but I'm afraid people would think I'm a weirdo


Why would people care about your anus?

My home doesn't have one and I won't be wasting money on that. I do try to shower after I poop though, whenever possible.

I like spraying the water up my bum then pushing it back out

Just get on a fucking poop schedule jfc. I shit every morning first thing when I wake up, and that’s the ONLY time I ever shit. That way I can shower right after and not worry about it any more

bidet is for rinsing pussy

>being more hygienic is weird
screw them and go for it imo

>he only poops once a day


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i spit on my toilet paper to wash my ass clean
so i'm fine

I use wet wipes

Yes only once and I eat an incredible amount of food too. They are massive poops, but still, only 1 a day

Because daily mandatory butthole inspections at work and school

We call this device pussy phone

Nope. It opens the door for swamp ass. Dunno why.

Toto masterrace here.
When I went to Japan and tried a bidet
I never went back to pleb toilets.

The water get polluted by poop and the droplets spread all over the place.

then you potentially have poo on your hands for the rest of it?

Did you know, that whenever you smell shit, you are inhaling actual poop particles?

And seeing your flag, it's safe to assume you are infact always full of shit.

The fact that you use a bidet is the epitome of redundancy.

Bidet make you the gay