You are at least bilingual, aren't you, user?

You are at least bilingual, aren't you, user?

I speak English, Spanish (native), Galician, Portuguese, and Dutch.

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No you fucking don't, kankermongool.

hallo, mijn vrend. ik heb gewoon in Belgiƫ.

geef mooie vlaamse vd aub

I speak spanish but english is my native language.
I have too thick of an accent for spanish speakers to understand most of what I say, so they end up just merely getting the gist of what I'm talking about instead

i like german accent in spanish. also, latina sluts go crazy for it.

I mean I only speak english and spanish
But my german is much much worse than my Spanish
I can barely be considered to speak german so I didnt include it.

I speak Finnish, English, some Japanese and refuse to speak Swedish.

So you speak three languages.

Portuguese is very different from Galician, which in turn are very different from Spanish.

I can tell somebody to shit in their mum cunt in Afrikaans

poep in je moeder's kut?

>several Indo-European languages

Probably going to spell it wrong
Gaan kak in jo marsa puss

Just English and German right now. I want to get as good at German as I can before trying to learn a third language. If I do, it'll probably be Spanish, considering I live in North America.


In order of fluency
speak Greek, English, Turkish for school and government, German and Russian.
I've always wanted to learn Arabic but every time I hear about dialects I chicken out as it seems rather not quite useful beyond maybe reading the Qur'an or government documents

>Turkish for school and government

is this common among Cypriots?

>Yeah, I can say a few phrases in a dozen languages. I guess you can call me a polyglot of sorts.

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Gaan kak in die millie, kaffir

>Spanish, Galician, Portuguese
>English, Dutch

That's worth like 2.5 maybe 3 languages at best

Ok, that was uncalled for.

Me cago en tu puta madre.

In the north yeah, you can't really get anything done without the language, especially now that people from Turkey outnumber us, I'll be the first to admit that my Turkish is kind of (really) bad though

When an Anglo flag says he speaks some language, different to English, it usually means he can say some phrases or that his grandparents are from other country.

I'd love to learn Russian foremost, then another Germanic language like Dutch or Icelandic. Need to make some friends to help me though but at least I know one Dutchman.

>In the north yeah
You mean the unrecognized country of North Cyprus, or the northern parts of the territory administered by the Republic of Cyprus (i.e. the parts close to the unrecognized country)?

I mean the first but technically, we live in the far southern part of that

I see. According to Wiki, you're a tiny minority there. Do you and your Greek peers really feel yourselves in a "Turkish republic", or are you pretty isolated into your Greek bubble?

Gorrel my spyt kak

Yeah I why aren't you anons
I can fluently speak Australian , United kingdom, American , Russian , Greek , Cypriot,

No, people were reasonably furious when EOKA B was butchering us but that's far into the past and the Turks from Turkey are worse than the greek governments in terms of governance. Most young people kind of ditched the language since for almost 30 years, it'd be useless but nowadays you have institutes that teach it and we as a family never dropped it for reasons unknown to me but my mother is always evasive about it. I'm sorry if I'm not explaining this well

no i only speak english, but i am learning german
only began a week or two ago but hopefully one day i will make it

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English Chinese Japanese
I want to learn more east Asian languages if I had the chance and time to do so

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