Turkish cop arrests racist Turks who attacked Syrian refugees in adana!

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>female police

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shut up incel

More from the same event.
>me in the middle

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I want that cop to give me a handjob

Literal brown incel uprising. Probably the Syrians they attacked were blonde specimen, that they couldn't contain their inferiority complex.

138 individuals were arrested in total for inciting a riot and aggravated assault charges. Supposedly a Syrian refugee man raped an 11 year old boy, but it turned out the rapist was a 15 year old Turkish boy with a criminal record (of rape and robbery).

We have female police too faggot

and they’re ridiculous.

the purpose of female police is to detain female suspects otherwise they would whine about muhsoggyknee

What happens if you get boner while a female cop is putting handcuffs on you?

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How do Turks and Arabs tell each other apart? Do they just hear a different language or accent and chimp out?

Today march

holy moly how can i be refugee into turkey ?

I like how Turks handle this 10000x more maturely then the west.

>As of September 2019, Turkey hosts 3.66 million registered Syrian refugees

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Syrians (or any foreigners) are easily picked out due to their different mannerisms and accent.

I'm sorry are these refugees or Turkish nationalists?

Imagine what that female cop's feet smell like after working a shift

look like greeks


Not black enough

Turkish nationalists/racists who were out attacking Arab refugees.

Police officer interrogating a Turkish protestor

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The Mıssınğlınk

Theres no way these guys are turks, maybe kurds or gypsies

It's weird in Turkey, you have Turks that look like snowniggers and you have Turks that look like swarthy gulf Arabs

adana is full of gypsy. it's like turkey's texas. every time an unusual crime happens like bank robbery, selling weed hide in quran, it's always adana.

how do you tell a canadian from an american?

Ben şiddeti desteklemiyorum. Sanırım Türk kardeşlerimiz yanlış yaptı.

Based Female cop is cute

Turkish nationalists are all subhuman (like all Turks in general)

I know about turkey and turks, those guys are not turks and proves my point

"swarthy gulf arabs" unironically have the highest rate of genetic admixture with persians and iranians, that's why they are so dark. Despite iranian diaspora memes about how white they are , they are infinitely darker than ethnic arabs. Ethnic arabs from syria, lebanon, palestine, jordan, etc. are much whiter than the average Iranian

are you a leb?

I'm iraqi

Its the border between Europe and middle east afterall
Where Semites, Turkics, Iranics, Slavs and Meds collide

kayfal hal? mundh mataa wa'ant tama fi aistiralia

Mutter the phrase "your insurance couldn't cover it" and watch.

فوق عشرين سنين. تقريبا ولدت هنا

Very good post


>she will never arrest you
Why live

There's easily 5 million refugees including all the syr*ans, pakis and afgh*ns, the main reason erdo lost the last election..