I do not like China

I do not like China.

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I'm indifferent towards China.

I'm more-or-less okay with China.


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I like china because there is still the possibility of them having war with Russia or India.

haters gonna hate, they hate us cause they aint us, china will grow larger, you are either with us or against us, our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.

So am i but i also do not like American


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Pfffffft, you are small taters. Watch this:

I hate Russia, it's a shit country full of gangsters and has gangsters in government. Putin is a manlet self-serving dictator and Russia is an aggressor. Slava Ukraine.

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>strong advocate of china
>doesn't even live there

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>quote americans verbatim
>accused of being strong advocate of china by americans

Where are people who like China? At least no one likes the CPC

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I like China.

I like yaoi yiffing

you are slavshit without history and accomplishments. Kill yourself nigger.

Look, I understand why you're doing this, I really do. You're angry, and you're angry for a reason. You're brainwashed, and who wouldn't be? Look at your newspapers, look at the coverage on Russia. MH17, HIV, Electoral Fraud, worse living standards than all of the EU, a shitty shadow of the Soviet Union. All lies. Putin is doing great work, he's saving YOU. Did you know that the EU is becoming less and less white every year while based Russia remains 100% white WITH traditional values? Did you know that Russian girls are cuter than your whore women? Did you know that Russia could nuke your shithole off the map with no effort, and nobody would notice you're gone?
For all the reasons listed, Putin is fucking based. So I would really appreciate if you deleted this post and that utterly horrifying morph of a monkey with his face in it, it is extremely disrespectful to our only hope for the white race. If you must make fun of a country, please refrain from doing so with Russia, it really undermines our cause here on Jow Forums(nel) of uniting our white brothers all across the globe.

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b-but who were you quoting?

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If China is so great why are thousands of Chinese leaving China?

Russia will win again and again until subhumans like you teach fucking lesson.

You will soon become Czechen Republic

>without history and accomplishments
Lol, more like you are an uneducated Russkie who knows nothing of our history.

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And that claim is by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which Providence has given us for the development of the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government entrusted to us

They should be all killed and wiped from earth, useless nation full of trash.
I know, you suck dicks for whole your history. You are fucking garbage.

Australia is basically China at this point

t. mongol rapebaby

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Useless slavshit.

More like escaping shithole "country"


Why are you introducing yourself? We already knew what you are.

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Would you genocide czechshits? Me without a doubt, they are such garbage.

that's alright, we don't need your approval

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they will genocide themselves if they continue to fuck each other in the ass

>mfw when czech subhuman isn't grateful for decades of economic loss spent being my shithole's slave state

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They need plague which will wipe them from earth for the great good.

>It's THIS easy to get Russkies unironically buttmad
I should do this more often
>implying Russian janny wakes from his cheap vodka induced stupor before noon

I don't like both china and the us

I dare I would kill your fucking subhuman.


shut up fat

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Well that was almost a sentence, better tell the boys at Olgino you need some more English lessons

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>his english is going haywire
Oooh boy, don't hurt yourself in that impotent rage

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Come here then you subhuman. I will cut your fucking face nigger.

>going to Russia
Well I could live like a king there but no thanks, I don't want to catch aids

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You will catch your death with those ukrainian niggers.

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Why would I go to Ukraine when there are plenty of Russian and Ukrainian grills here already, trying to escape the poverty and corruption of their home countries?

You think I am joking you subhuman?

Yes. Russians are all pathetic.

Too much coming from a subhuman.

This is the most entertaining thread on Jow Forums right now

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Says the one too poor to go to the Czech Republic. Maybe write a letter to Putin explaining how the honor of MOTHER RUSSIA was besmirched and you need a subsidy for brawling.

Why would I go in the place full of the lowest of slavshits in the first place?
Cz*ch is one the biggest shiholes on earth, literally africa-tier.

I don't hear all the Russians and Ukrainians complaining

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Though to be honest, it's hard to complain with a cock in your mouth

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you would know, faggot


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all the australian flags itt

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