Would africa get better If we muttied them like what happened to americas

Would africa get better If we muttied them like what happened to americas

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Nowhere to go but up, in some places. I think Chinese would be best for the job

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No, but the ones in the greener areas could probably be caribbean tier....probably..

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Define better. Brazil was ruled by whites and pseudo-whites and look at it.

Africa is better than am*ricas

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>The Portuguese immigrated to Puerto Rico in such large numbers that by the mid 1500s Portuguese settlers outnumbered the Spaniards, according to “A Nation upon the Ocean Sea: Portugal’s Atlantic Diaspora and the Crisis of the Spanish Empire, 1492-1640” by Daviken Studnicki-Gizbert.

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Yes and I volunteer to help

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>NOOOO Africa is poor and violent we must do something.

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no, they must be bleached

Is this that thing where whites pick up something like a fever in flu season then once it wears off they just drop it completely and shame others about it even though they were knee deep in it?

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brazil was blacked not bleached

that's pretty cool, I had no idea

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Nah. Brazil's black population "decreased" as more migration from outside and within Brazil occurred.

they were originally amerindian and portugese BLACKED them by importing slaves

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There were even more portuguese soldiers stationed here than spanish soldiers when the Restoration War started, so some of the spaniards were getting worried about them rebelling against them. The island was scarcely populated at the time though, I wouldn't be surprised if the portuguese half of mestizos got overshadowed by the much larger migration of canarians.