Doing my laundry

>Doing my laundry
>Throw my teddy bear in the washing machine
>Stepmom notices I have a teddy bear
>"You're 22 and still have a teddy bear?!"
>"Really? Are you that immature? Does he have a name?"
>Come up with a name for the teddy bear off the top of my head
>"Mr. Vladimir"
>She looks at me dumbfoundedly

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Get a hold of yourself my good man

You just hallucinated a step mom didn't you ?

You just hallucinated a teddy bear didn't you ?

I mean, come on. What's the difference between a teddy bear and a body pillow? And I'm not talking anime girl body pillows, just plain, blank
body pillows that every adult sleeps with.

Why would I do that?

what's his real name

I never actually thought about it before. His name is now Mr. Vladimir.

Learn to despise and feel utter contempt towards normies (especially normie f*Males), m8. Once you manage to do this, your quality of life improves drastically.

Do you treat the bear well or are you a fucking degenerate that penetrates it?


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There's no hole to penetrate. I just hug him when I fall asleep.

There is nothing wrong with that. I’m 23 and still sleep with a stuffed dog. It’s good for your posture as well as your mental health to cuddle while you sleep

Rather hug a qt gf desu

Girls smell bad.

Girls who walk past me smell like nice perfume

Female's perfume is literally nauseating.

That's pretty rude dude but u need to understand that's not normal seeing a grown man with a Teddy bear, next time say that is of your son or little brother so you avoid this.

You prefer the smell of a nice musky man, don't you?

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It's my stepmom, bro. She knows that my youngest brother is 18 years old and I don't have any children.
I think men's perfume smells nicer than women's perfume, so what?

>I think men's perfume smells nicer than women's perfume, so what?

user.. perhaps you are gay? This would explain many things you're saying here today. Be honest with yourself, ok? Gay is ok.

I am not gay.

Then say her to mind his own business.

>still sleep with a stuffed dog.

Where's the hole?

it's ok user, i still keep my blanket they will never understand what its like.

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>>Come up with a name for the teddy bear off the top of my head
it wasn't entirely autistic up until this point

If you are paying rent, tell the bitch to fuck off. If not, you better start looking at it.

hopefully you are not a plush fucker

It's okay user women are fucking retarded anyway

I think a 22 year old man with a teddy bear is adorable and cute

you never watch porn? she was clearly trying to fuck you

Biggest cringe of your post is Vladimir. Hate it when people can't give things normal names and opt for the lol so random ones. You don't live in Russia, give a western and north american name

I thought in mexico, only the strong survive. Any other weakness are forcefully removed.

Get ready, she might try to make you a "real man"
But I believe Mr. Vladimir will protect you and you'll be just fine.

What did you named yours sven svenson?

just shooting for that greencard

It's not random. Isn't the bear a symbolic animal to Russians? So he is Russian.


he could be a ukranian
tons of them in Canada

Yeah my 'dar is really flaring up reading your posts.

Why would I call something that I fuck "Mr. Vladimir"?

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I'm not, but I do live around many Ukrainians. I eat pierogi almost every day. It's cheap and filling.

I'm both strong and cute

You try coming up with a name for a teddy bear on the spot.

Yes it is.


cause ur gay?

Also I have Alf and Squidward

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I am almost 32 and I have 3.


It's weird to give animals and objects actual names you would give your children. You will never see a dog with a name that people actually name their children in their respective culture. Sorry but a teddy bear is not on the same level as a human.

Alf has seen better days

just pic a normal name for teddy bears, like teddy, Mr. Bear, brownie, paws or whatever
That's the lol so random thing I hate

I am not gay.

That's reasonable, but it's not what first came to mind.

Okay, gee, you didn't have to type all of that user, I get your stepmum caught you off guard and had to think of something quick, personally I would've named it something more dull.

Hope Mr. Vladimir is being a good teddy bear with you.

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Probably old, when was the last time anyone sold anything alf related.

Post pic of teddy

He still stinks. Not because of any "fucking" him. I think he is moldy on the inside, like how my pillows got moldy. My room is really moist and sleeping on the floor causes my sweat to build up overnight.

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