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*lumbers toward you*

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ayyy im walkin ova ere


why is /trv/ like 60% thailand sexpat generals

Not really anymore, i have only drank a couple times the last 2 months and already had physical withdrawals.
Life was a bit too much tonight and i needed help. Sad how after 6 ounces of mouthwash i feel like half a human being again.

Old co-worker is calling me. Should I pick up the phone or I return the call to him tommorow morning?

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Varg Vikernes, my archnemesis

>stop saving the white race
w-well if you insist

what did you expect?

applied for a part time stocking job at a pet store
scared they won't hire me because I asked for too much $

booze store closed already?


It's time for common sense gun control.

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the stores around me are usually greedy as fuck and don't wanna pay anything above min wage

oi m8, you got a license for that png?


how much is rent

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you have related experience right? if so you did nothing wrong

>$9 is minimum wage where he lives

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>not counting school spoon attacks

*swoons over you*

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whats a good way to meet girls in irl?

where do the kids spoon at school??????

if I didn't have to help my mom with bills I'd be back in ohio where I could get an apartment with utilities for $400

yes but I'm willing to bet they'll take the inexperienced one who'll accept min wage

$8.46 to be exact

nigga just buy a pint of cheap vodka or something

is that FK's gf?

dont worry about it bro just b urself and go outside youre thinking too hard

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*breaks knees*

>of vodka
do americans really

ah, yeah you're right

why dont you just deliver pizzas at that point
you can make some pretty gud tips

I didn't even try to go, but yeah hr 15 mins ago. I wanted to stay strong.

*jabs you with spear*

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Thinking on fasting to save money till I get a new job.

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no license or car desu

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cursed image

what kind of place does that get you? in my city you can get top tier places for 1200/month
just curious

countries have weird ways to measure their booze bottles, here its mickey(375ml), 2-6(750), 40(1.17l) and 60(1.5l). Also a texas mickey(3l) as a meme some times. dont you measure yours in centiliters ro something.

isnt her company on it's last legs?

>no license

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need to take a dump

i know you're right but i'm still mad

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good morning, schizo

Played basketball with Chinese international students. Some of them arent that bad


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business idea: get a bike

that living room is grim

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i need it bros

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I vape

business idea: get a kike

a triple heart bypass?

im trying

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south florida

I have one but no pizza place is gonna hire a bike delivery driver

I'll save that for my first munchy box

late night food posting should be a banable offense

gonna break in the new phone tonight

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business idea: get a waifu pillow

>south florida
are you my neighbor

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i kinda want to paint my nails but also kinda dont want to since im worried i wont be alble to clean it up

oh.. shidd
is that like the cheap places?

business idea: start your own bike pizza place

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floridians are probably the lowest iq specimens behind rednecks

cheap for florida

respectable idea but I have no capital
also encouraging speedy delivery by bike around florida drivers is begging for deaths

wow i am literally cryin rn

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you can just cut them off. they grow back you know

fries look awful and bleak

don't pretend you didn't enhoy your (you) faggot fucj
your welcome btw

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why don't you watch award shows?

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im pretty sure youre my neighbor


too busy watching 90 day fiances

I feel a disconection with the people and general audiovisual material presented in said shows

Dont like worshipping false idols

I don't care about actors and their associates beyond the time I spend watching what they've made

gonna take a break from jacking it lads
Ive been using my spit because I am embarrassed to go buy lube and its been giving my shaft some pimples.

consume borger

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Why isn't the regular people invited in these shows? Aren't ''we'' the audience the main reasson they're arrogant rich fuckers to beging with? these and the oscars are circlejerk bullshit and people are finding out that's why no one cares anymore other than fanboys and movie nerds

do americans really go to gas stations for beer and burritos...?

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look out your window

>on it is last legs

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need to take a drumpf

just buy some moisturizer you fucking weirdo

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No I go to the burrito store for burritos and the beer store for beer

there's nothing desu

seems like a reasonable plan


BRUH imagine being circumcised hahahaha

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but are you a millennial eater?

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what's the problem

Yes, how could you tell?

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